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Pokemon Unite Tier List Patch - PU - Tier List (General)

PU - Tier List (General)

Created by ElDev
0 Votes
AbsolDecidueyeCrustleMamoswineMr. MimeAlolan NinetalesPikachuCharizardCramorant
PU - Tier List (General)- Created By Pokemon Unite .GG

From bottom to top:

-Slowbro: Between all Defenders, Slowbro has nothing compared to the others. The main problem with Slowbro is that its a Defender focused to disable only one opponent instead of a crowd. In a 1v1 it can almost win anyone, and Telekinesis + Slowbeam can slow the pace of foes, but outside of that, it doesn´t bring nothing to the table unlike the rest of Defenders. After all, this is a game where yo need to cooperate, not going alone.

-Gardevoir: Strong mid-late and has one of the most powerful Unite moves in the entire game, but its early is very poor. Ralts does very little damage than expected, Teleport is literally useless and to add salt to the injury, it evolves at 6, requiring to farm even more. Once you evolve into Kirlia you can feel a bit relaxed, but you're still quite weak. The joke is, Gardevoir scales very well at the end and its Unite move can be devastating, but it lack of mobility and supringsily low damage than expected makes it a non-viable option. Gardevoir can only shine if you hard farm and you are heavily supported. Otherwise, you´ll be a burden.

-Garchomp: Same story as Gardevoir: strong mid-late and has one of the most powerful Unite moves in the entire game, but its early is paired with Ralts as one of the worst of all. Sand Attack has practically no benefits of using it aside farming and Bulldoze is also useless to finish someone due its short range. If you also add its lack of mobility, mediocre damage and speed, you´ll find out why Garchomp is right there. I find ironic not only one of the best Pokémon in the main series, but if not one, the most broken of its own generation, is almost useless in PU. As with Gardevoir, your chances to even reach level 10 before the clock ticks 6 minutes are strictly attached by 3 factors: you play GODLY well the Pokémon, your opponents don´t know how to play, and they don´t punish you to be farming when you´re a Gible/basically you can farm safely. If none of them happens or at least the last 2 happens, not only you´ll be very late when you finally evolve, but also essentially your team will be playing 4v5 thanks to you. To sum up: very little pros against a ton of cons. And it pains me as a Garchomp main.

-Cramorant: This is the first Pokémon that the diffiulty described in its chart is actually justified. Cramorant may be a predator on the early game, but it scales very poorly and it heavily relies on teamwork to be deadly, specially tanks. For its own, it falls down very easily, and its playstyle may take a lot of practice to fully exploit its potential, but its Unite move is threatening and it can also burst anyone with some back up.

-Charizard: Thanks to the buffs received, now Charizard can pack a punch. Every move is really useful and can deal damage, its Unite move gauge fills quite fast and it´s also very useful to take down enemies, pressure them or leave. However, Charmander still has a poor early game. Its basic attack may be one of the greatest of all since it automatically attacks and you can move while attacking, but from the early stage it´s quite weak and short-ranged. However, it "compensates" it with Fire Spin and Flame Burst, dealing a decent amount of damage. All in all, not great, but also not bad.

-Pikachu: Who would guess the main mascot of the franchise is for the first time not trash. Although its early game is not outstanding, it can farm with quite safely and also begin to look for early kills. Electroweb can help to both trap and kill weakened targets/fragile targets, including minions, and inmobilize enemies, giving enough time to go back to the base when needed. All Pikachu´s moves are useful and, in my opinion, there´s no perfect combination, as Pikachu cand adapt depending of the situation: Thunderbolt + Thunder if you want to control masses, Thundebolt + Electroball if you want to prey enemies, Electroball and Volt Tackle if you want to burst a specific target, and the list goes on. Its fragility is quite understandable, but the fact its Unite move can´t hit mini-bosses and Zapdos is the reason why it´s not higher. However, it comes in handy when you need to leave, as it grants a bit of invulnerability.

-Alolan Ninetales: Despite all its buffs received, it still struggles to fit in the meta. It still suffers from lack of mobility and durability, forcing it to be at the back of the frontline and your Defender (or tank in a worst scenario) doing a good job. For its own, it can actually defend itself and push away enemies with Blizzard and stun them with Dazzling Gleam. Besides, it can be a quite decent Support character thanks to Aurora Veil´s buffs, but this move makes Alolan Ninetales even more dependant to the team.

-Mr. Mime: Mr. Mime is a Support an expert hands can exploit all its potential, but it might look a bit difficult to use to less skilled players compared with the other Supports of the game. However, the main trait about the clown is it´s surprisingly strong when it comes to attack. Confusion grants a good range and can stun enemies if they collide with a wall/Barrier, and talking about Barrier, it´s easily the best choice for Mr. Mime. Although I wouldn´t recommend it to new players or low level players, Mr. Mime is quite fun to use and, for a beginner, it can act as an "Attacker" while practising in the Arts of Supporting.

-Mamoswine: From the very beginning Swinub can easily pressure approaching enemies and farm safely, control pushes with Ice Shard and enter or exit with Tackle, besides it can finish weakened targets. It has the same level path as Snorlax, and like Snorlax, Mamoswine is totally focused on crowd control due the characteristics of its moves. But, unlike the others above, Mamoswine hasn´t found a place to fully shine. Not because it´s bad, but because there are much solid options for a Defender. However, Mamoswine serves as a gimmick that´s very fun to play, and can isolate or scatter enemies with its moves, but it needs a bit of help to become an option too like the rest.

-Crustle: The same reason with Mamoswine: not bad Pokémon but outclassed by other Defenders. However, Crustle gains an insane mobility thanks to Shell Smash, giving the crab more chances to reach Drednaw´s/Rotom´s/Zapdos´s spawn spot and also to quickly retreat and chase enemies. All of its move paths are okay, and depending of which you take, your role may be strictly defensive or may be more aggresive. Stealth Rock serves as a way to scare enemies and steal the three mentioned before, X-Scissor can also push back when connected and stun if collides with a wall, and its Unite move makes Crustle basically untouchable. When there was only 3 Defenders, Crustle was easily at the same height as Snorlax, but power creep has proven Crustle needs a push.


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