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Pokemon Unite Items


LeftoversRegenerate HP every second.

Muscle Band

Muscle BandMore powerful basic attacks.

Scope Lens

Scope LensMore powerful critical hits.

Shell Bell

Shell BellSpecial attacks heal you.

Wise Glasses

Wise GlassesIncreases Sp. Attack.

Focus Band

Focus BandRestores HP when low.

Float Stone

Float StoneMove faster out of combat.

Buddy Barrier

Buddy BarrierUnite Move grants a shield.

Score Shield

Score ShieldShield while scoring.

Aeos Cookie

Aeos CookieIncrease Max HP each score.

Attack Weight

Attack WeightIncrease Attack each score.

Sp. Atk. Specs

Sp. Atk. SpecsIncreases Sp. Attack each score.

Exp. Share

Exp. ShareGain EXP every second when lowest level.

Assault Vest

Assault VestGain Sp. Attack shield out of combat.

Rocky Helmet

Rocky HelmetReflect damage to attackers.

Energy Amplifier

Energy AmplifierExtra damage after Unite Move

Razor Claw

Razor ClawExtra basic attack damage after move. Melee Pokémon also slow.

Choice Specs

Choice SpecsIncreases damage of moves.

Weakness Policy

Weakness PolicyIncreases Attack based on damage received.

Rapid-Fire Scarf

Rapid-Fire ScarfIncreases attack Speed after three basic attacks.

Drain Crown

Drain CrownRestores HP with basic attacks.

Rescue Hood

Rescue HoodIncreases recovery and shield effect to ally.

Slick Spoon

Slick SpoonAttacks ignore opponent's Sp. Def.

Curse Bangle

Curse BangleWeakens opponent's HP recovery with physical attacks.

Curse Incense

Curse IncenseWeakens opponent's HP recovery with special attacks.

Rusted Sword

Rusted SwordZacian's sword.

Pokemon Unite Battle Items

Eject Button

Eject ButtonInstantly teleport yourself somewhere nearby.


PotionRestore a small amount of HP over time.

X Attack

X AttackTemporarily increases your Attack, Sp. Attack, and Basic Attack Speed.

X Speed

X SpeedTemporarily increases your Movement Speed.

Full Heal

Full HealTemporarily makes you immune to status effects.

Fluffy Tail

Fluffy TailStuns nearby wild Pokémon, making them take more damage.


Goal-GetterTemporarily makes you score goals faster.

Slow Smoke

Slow SmokeSlows the Movement Speed and Basic Attack Speed of nearby opponents.

Shedinja Doll

Shedinja DollTemporarily makes you invincible and immune to status effects.

Pokemon Unite .GG welcomes you to our item guides. Here you'll find an encyclopedia of each item with detailed explanations of each.

Pokemon may carry up to three Held Items, and the player may carry one Battle Item. Once you understand your item choices, go see our community made build guides for details on how to play each item set for different Pokemon in a variety of situations.

About Items

Items greatly expand what's possible with any given Pokemon. With the right items, you can make a slow Pokemon fast, or a squishy one tanky.

There are items for every possible play style and counter pick. You can find items that massively increase a single stat, or others that offer a multitude of smaller benefits. Pokemon Unite even has items that increase your stats as you score points, leading to some really clever feast-or-famine builds.