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A fast, short-range fighter that specializes in closing the distance between it and it's opponent as quickly as possible while dealing the maximum amount of lightning damage.

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Basic attack icon

Basic Attack

Every third attack deals increased damage, Stun:paralyzes the opponent, and steals HP. Boosted Attack damage increases with Attack.

3rd Attack: Increased damage. Stun. Heal. Boosted Atk Scaling: Attack.
triange See in-game descriptiontriange Becomes a boosted attack with every third attack, dealing increased damage when it hits. Also paralyzes opposing Pokémon and restores the user's HP.

Volt Absorb icon

Volt Absorb

Deal more damage when taking damage.

Deal more damage when taking damage.
triangle See in-game description triangle The Pokémon gains an electric charge whenever it receives damage, converting a portion of that damage into additional Attack.

Level 1 / 3

Agility icon



Dash, and attack faster for a short time.

Dash. Attack Speed up.
triangle See in-game description triangle Has the user perform a quick dash and increases the user's basic attack speed for a short time afterward.

Slash icon



Dash to an opponent and attack it, knocking it back with the last hit.

Dash. Damage. Displacement.
triangle See in-game description triangle Has the user pounce at an opposing Pokémon and attack with sharp claws. This move's final attack throws opposing Pokémon.

Level 5Choose One

Volt Switch icon

Volt Switch


Dash through opponents, damaging them and increasing your attack speed. Use again to dash back.

Upgrade: Increased damage. Increased duration of Attack Speed boost.

Dash. Attack Speed up. Then: Dash back.
triangle See in-game description triangle Has the user perform a high-speed dash, dealing damage to any opposing Pokémon it hits and increasing the user's basic attack speed for a short time. Using this move again within a set period of time will allow the user to immediately dash back to where it originally used the move.
Increases this move's damage and the amount of time increased basic attack speed lasts.

Spark icon



Leap at an opponent and shock it. Attacking while airborne will leap to the closest opponent instead. Can be used up to three times.

Upgrade: Attacking while airborne steals HP.

Dash. Damage. Multiple Uses. (+)HP Vamp (while airborne).
triangle See in-game description triangle Has the user leap at an opposing Pokémon while electrically charged, dealing damage to them. If the user uses its basic attack before reaching its target Pokémon, the user will instead leap at the closest opposing Pokémon, dealing damage to it. This move can be used three times before it goes on cooldown.
Also restores the user's HP if the user performs a basic attack before reaching its target Pokémon.

Level 7Choose One

Discharge icon



Deals damage to nearby opponents and shields you. Paralyzed opponents are pulled towards you, stunned, and take damage a second time.

Upgrade: slows opponents hit.

AOE damage. Shield. Then: Displacement. Stun. (+)Slow.
triangle See in-game description triangle Releases an electrical discharge, dealing damage to nearby opposing Pokémon and granting the user a shield when it hits. If this move hits opposing Pokémon that are paralyzed, it pulls them in toward the user once the move ends, dealing damage to them once again and leaving them unable to act.
Also decreases the movement speed of opposing Pokémon for a short time when this move hits.

Level 8

Wild Charge icon

Wild Charge


Charges forward, unleashing a combo upon impact at the expense of some of your own HP. The combo is longer if the opponent was recently hit by Switch, Spark, or a boosted attack.

Upgrade: Deals damage in an area upon impact.

Charge forward. Damage. Self-damage.
triangle See in-game description triangle Has the user charge in the designated direction. If this move hits an opposing Pokémon, the user unleashes a combo attack that also deals a set amount of damage to itself. If the user hits an opposing Pokémon with Volt Switch, Spark, or a boosted attack before using this move, the number of attacks in the combo is increased.
This move also deals damage to nearby Pokémon when it hits.

Level 9

Plasma Gale icon

Plasma Gale

sure hit

Deal damage to all opponents in an area, displacing them. While inside the plasma zone, you gain increased Attack Range and Damage.

AOE damage. Displacement. Increased attack range.
triangle See in-game description triangle Unleashes a blast of lightning, dealing damage to opposing Pokémon in the area of the effect and throwing them. This also creates a zone of plasma that increases the user's basic attack range and damage dealt while the user is inside the zone.