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Pokemon Unite Tier List Patch - True Tier List

True Tier List

Created by LucarioHealer3064786
0 Votes
CharizardGreedentBlisseyGreninjaDecidueyeDragoniteEldegossMachampSylveonAlolan NinetalesAegislash
ZeraoraSlowbroAbsolGengarGarchompMr. MimeTrevenantAzumarill
True Tier List- Created By Pokemon Unite .GG

S-tier (must have on a team): Lucario has the best mobility in the game and best special attacks so on. Pikachu plays very well at early game and has the lowest unite move cooldown, also very strong burst damage (great ADC); good range and mobility. Blastoise is the best defender by far due to his mobility, range, damage and the best CC Unite Move. Cinderace is completely savage level 13 up and his ability increases damage at the same time, the best basic attacks in the game and one of the wider ranges (In my opinion, much better than Pikachu). Venusaur stills plays very well with Petal Dance and Gigadrain, practically an undefetable attacker in spite of its previous nerf. Talonflame is recently nerfed, but with fly still works very good; by far the only speedster decent for competitive. Hoopa is completely necessary in every team due to his specials/unite move that teleports everyone to one point/base to another.

A-tier (great, but below the best options): Charizard works great with his Unite Move (one of the best of the game) however lacks on scoring and endurance. Greedent is great in any sense however does not fit the defender role so does not add any synergy to the team, also is very hard to manage specials. Blissey works great with the shield and buffs everyone close to her, but Hoopa is still better. Greninja and Decidueye are very great overall but too weak. Dragonite is nerfed (score in general) so its practically useless and totally replaced by Lucario as the best all-rounder of the game. Besides from that, it is strong, a decent jungler and has a very versatile Unite move. Eldegoss is great but Blissey is better due to anti-CC effect; however he has the best healing mechanics. Machamp lacks on movility and reaching but has a very good unite move and special moves. Sylveon (heals so much) and Alolan Ninetales (freezes a lot, great CC) are great overall, however there are better options as attackers. Aegislash now has very good CC (if you know the order of comands), well endurance (shield mode) and it's a bit buffed. It works well as a jungler too.

B-tier (just viable): practically everyone here is strongly nerfed or lacks on evolving like Garchomp (lacks so much in range and his unite move... needs a rework) and Gardevoir (best DPS i know but is a ranged attacker with no mobility, so vulnerable). Tsareena and Snorlax are great but there are better options (role respectively). Crustle now is unviable for scoring (his best previous built) but stills works fine with another builts. Mamoswine has very good CC but its role is replaced by better Pokémon like Greedent and Blastoise. Mamoswine struggles on passing mechanics. Wigglytuff has still great CC but Blissey is her counter. Duralodon is still strong but so nerfed, no one wants to use him. Cramorant is getting better results (patched

C-tier (practically unviable): Zeraora, Gengar (relies on a single mechanic) and Absol (relies on crits) are useless for team fights (no range, no resistance). Slowbro is dead. ). Mr. Mime needs a strong rework because it's a support focused on burst damage and that's nonsense. Trevenant and Azumarill are dead too.

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Pokemon Unite .GG thanks user LucarioHealer3064786 for sharing this tier list.

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