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Pokemon Unite Tier List Patch - Best Pokemon In solo Queue

Best Pokemon In solo Queue

Created by Shkirple
1 Votes
SnorlaxGreedentMr. MimeSylveonPikachuAegislashGarchompMachampCinderaceCharizardDuraludonTrevenantGardevoirBlastoiseAzumarill
CrustleEldegossMamoswineWigglytuffAbsolBlisseyCramorantGengarTalonflameAlolan NinetalesTsareenaDragonite
Best Pokemon In solo Queue- Created By Pokemon Unite .GG


S-Tier Mons- Simply busted.
Venusaur - Thanks to the new buff, both of Venu's builds are busted. (Best Pokemon to play as. Period.)
Greninja - Why am I surprised. This ninja frog is without a doubt tied with venusaur for the best pokemon to play in solo q even after the nerfs, it still just chain surfs you to victory( high s tier)
Lucario - Why did they buff him? now with the xp bug, it is unstoppable.(high s tier)
Zeraora - Well well well. the once great zeraora . . . is still great. just not as good as it used to be. (mid to low s tier)
Hoopa - In competitive, this guy is a MONSTER, with hh. hole, shadow. ball. But this is a solo q tier list, and... he is still amazingly powerful. Trick + shadow ball is really good. Now lets included his unite move, which is one of THE BEST in the whole game(Its been nerfed, but its still really good.). EASILY the best support. (Low to mid s tier, even after the nerfs)
Decidueye - Behold, after what, 8, 9 buffs? This guy RULES in sniping. just protect this grass/ghost chicken, and you will see a full team wipe. Extremely good pokemon, now is finally on par with other ADC's. And now he also secures objectives too. From the other side of the map, somebody's doing dred, and you snipe it from them. Just plain mean.(low b tier to mid s tier, depending on how good you are with snipers. This may be a BIT biased because he IS my main.)

A-Tier Mons- Great Mons to Play

Snorlax, Greedent, Crustle - High damage, great survivability, good mobility, overall, great choice (mid a tier)
Trevanant - Man, THIS is what a buff is truly capable of. Previously the worst defender, but now he's buffed and ready for vengeance. Curse+horn leech = 80% win rate. (high a tier)
Mr. Mime, Sylveon, Pikachu, Gardevoir, Duraludon - Pretty Squishy, But insane damage (mid to high a tier)
Charizard, Aegislash - Good in every way, but not OP ( mid a tier)
Ninetales - BUFFED MENACE WITH FULL ICE BUILD (Edit* now fairy build is busted too, high s tier)
Blastoise - Basically the IDEAL mon for beginners. High health + Great damage & survivability. And the unite move is POWERFUL. ( Low to high a tier)

B-Tier Mons - Decent choice

All 3 Supports - Depends on the team. In some cases, they can be the best thing ever, and other times they can be useless. (mid b tier)
Mamoswine - Good mon, good hp, not bad damage, good in certain situations.(mid to low b tier)
Azumarill - In solo q, teamfights are the winning thing. too bad this guy's bad at that. only good in 1v1s. His moves are nothing special, and he's just decent. Above-average at best. (mid to low b tier)
Remaining mons - Great damage, but not that good of an option compared to the others.(low to high b tier)

C - Tier Mons- Probably should avoid, unless you want to troll

Slowbro - Don't play him. If you want CC, pick Blastoise or Mamoswine, if you want damage, Greedent or Blastoise, and if you want survivability, also Greedent or Snorlax and Trevenant. Just gets outclassed by everything else. (low c tier, though when used to its fullest, high a tier)

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Pokemon Unite .GG thanks user Shkirple for sharing this tier list.

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