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Pokemon Unite Tier List Patch - Quickplay 3v3 Tier List

Quickplay 3v3 Tier List

Created by MegaPelican
2 Votes
VenusaurCharizardAlolan NinetalesCramorantGardevoirSlowbro
CrustleSnorlaxWigglytuffMr. MimeBlisseyEldegoss
Quickplay 3v3 Tier List- Created By Pokemon Unite .GG

Quickplay's game objectives are different to Standard or Ranked play. Instead of defending an objective, the game mode is focused primarily on scoring as many points as possible. Sometimes people can make it through games without running into a single other person from the opposing enemy team, and as such PvP kills and assists are kept to a relative minimum. It's all about quick burst damage and scoring, and so concepts such as crowd control and supporting are far less important.

It's for this reason that the game mode tends to favor speedsters and other characters with quick and reliable damage, most notably Gengar and Lucario for their ability to quickly close gaps and deal insane burst damage whilst also being able to take a hit or two. Absol and Zeraora can do this as well, but they're a fair bit squishier than the aforementioned duo and will likely see the starting gates a little more often. The same logic obviously applies to Cinderace as well, but it's the best attacker in this mode because it puts out quick damage while staying at a safe distance, and because its special abilities help it a lot with maneuvering and intercepting opponents.

I considered putting Talonflame in S tier as well due to its ability to quickly move around the map and score small point totals at a time, thus setting up score bonuses for its teammates, but its damage is heavily outclassed by its fellow speedsters and it has trouble with dealing with 1v1s or multiple pokemon at once. Greninja may be squishy in 1v1s against opponents, but it kills wild pokemon quickly and can run around while its teammates protect it from harm. Due to quickplay's faster rate of levelling, Machamp and especially Garchomp are better here than in Standard play, but both fulfill different roles: Machamp is a quick burst damager and Garchomp is better at acting as a shield. And while Pikachu is great in pretty much any setting, it can struggle a little with speedsters and isn't the most mobile pokemon out there.

Now onto the lesser used tiers. Venusaur is far better here than in Standard because it can make better use of its range, but it still struggles with racking up kills and its attacks are still very slow despite their power. Charizard is strong in certain contexts but mostly just gets washed by faster pokemon who can avoid its attacks. Alolan Ninetales' and Gardevoir's strategies in Standard are very hit-and-run-based due to their low endurance, so while they can get stuff done here, there are far better choices over pokemon that'll just die in a few hits without being able to defend themselves. They also focus quite a lot on crowd control, which just isn't needed here due to the widened space. Cramorant relies a lot on positioning for its damage which, again, is harder to manage because of how Quickplay works. And while Slowbro shares the same weaknesses as its fellow defenders (listed below), it can at least get stuff done due to Telekinesis and Surf potentially being game-changing moves in team skirmishes. However, its damage is poor, and it will not be the one scoring those vital points.

Finally, we make it to the bottom tier, which is comprised entirely of defenders and supports. These classes just aren't needed due to shared focus on crowd control and support, playstyles that distract from the main focus of the mode and just aren't needed here. Crustle places above Snorlax because its damage is slightly better (even if still poor), but when Crustle's main strength is running behind enemy lines and scoring with a massive shield to protect it, it can hardly take advantage of that with shared goals and minimal enemy contact. Snorlax is not very good in this mode because of its singular focus on crowd control, and it cannot fully take advantage of its stellar kit with such a wide open area and priorities shifting from defending home to attacking both sides. And finally, all 4 supports are trash here for reasons already stated, combined with their low damage and their best moves providing disruption instead of destruction. All 4 are excellent in their own ways in Standard, but when the main focus is killing and scoring quickly, pokemon that can't do that are nothing more than a hindrance.

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Pokemon Unite .GG thanks user MegaPelican for sharing this tier list.

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