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Pokemon Unite Tier List Patch - Master Rank Tierlist

Master Rank Tierlist

Created by Scooobb
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WigglytuffGengarMr. MimeSnorlaxGarchompAbsolAegislashTrevenantTsareenaDecidueyeCramorant
CrustleAlolan NinetalesSlowbro
Master Rank Tierlist- Created By Pokemon Unite .GG

In the current VERY Offensive-Based meta, a pokemon needs to have great offense or a way to nullify other pokemons' ranged offense. The explanations start at C tier and rise to S tier. Tiers are unordered:

I placed Alolan Ninetales in C tier because it simply does not do enough damage compared to other Attackers. It can be good when paired with other Attackers or All-Arounders, but, most of the time it cannot do its thing without being melted by other Attackers. The low Damage Unite move compared to other Attackers doesn't help either.

Slowbro is simply a one trick pony, stun the enemy while your allies deal damage. Thats good and all but you need other things like damage or crowd control to be a good defender. Slowbro just needs more.

Crustle struggles with ranged Attackers and often can't deal enough damage before being KO'd. When it gets close though, it can deal really good damage. It has some niche use.

-B Tier-

Decidueye can delete life bars when at a higher level than enemies, but when matched against a same level pokemon, they find it hard to win being so frail. Definetly a good pokemon at times, but other pokemon like Cinderace and Greninja fulfill it's role better.

Forgive me, Cramorant is not played much and I don't own it's unite license so I have little experience with it. From my little experience, though, it isn't too good anyway.

Tsareena was a monster when she first was released. But after being nerfed, she simply can't survive long or KO Attackers fast enough. Something about her is different, she struggles a lot more now. She is still good but not anywhere near the monster that was first released for free.

Trevenant just has nothing going for it compared to other Defenders. Sure, it has that healing effect when at low HP but still. It can't stun enemies without pushing them out of range and doesn't do enough damage like other Defenders can. Also, being Melee doesn't help either.

Aegislash is good when its higher level than it's enemies, but otherwise, it can't do much before being melted by Attackers. Although, it is quite good at chasing an enemy down that is trying to escape with Low HP.

Absol is good, great even. But, it simply can't compete with other High Damage pokemon. Like many others, it is better when it is the highest level pokemon. Definitely close to A tier.

Garchomp is a monster when it reaches level 9, but before then it is rather weak. Being a Melee pokemon, it often does not have enough time to start to deal significant damage after taking about 40% HP when rushing to a Ranged Attacker, which are very prevalent.

Snorlax, like other Melee pokemon, cannot last long enough to help its allies substantially. Although, if it gets close, it is a real hassle to deal with. But with its lackluster Unite Move, I find it hard to justify putting it above B tier.

Mr. Mime just has too long of cooldown on it's moves. That's really it. Its main way of dealing big damage has a long cooldown attached, so it only comes into play when the cooldown runs out. If you miss hitting an enemy into a wall, say goodbye when fighting Attackers. Its one downside is that it becomes useless when it has to wait for cooldown. Its Unite move is pretty good though, but it has a long cooldown.

Gengar cannot handle Ranged Attackers if they are equal level. Yes, it is a great choice, but like Aegislash and Garchomp, it loses when lower leveled and has a hard time taking out foes before it gets to choose its second special move, most of the time its Hex. Close to A tier like Absol.

Now for the last of B tier, Wigglytuff. Wigglytuff is overall good but has nothing crazy going for it like Machamp or Slyveon. Sing is indeed a great move but it doesn't have anything good besides its Unite move which has a HORRIBLY long cooldown. Again, being Melee doesn't help either.

-A Tier-

Finally making it to A tier, we start with Talonflame. A great pick overall with crazy damage. Fly is a great move for stealing Dreadnaw or escaping sticky situations. However, if an enemy manages to survive your initial attacks, your chance of winning drops if they have enough HP left. It may be ranged, but it has the mobility to get close before taking too much damage. Combined with its great Unite move, Talonflame is a powerful pick that is close to S tier.

Greninja is a great pick as well. It has good escaping moves with Double Team and Smokescreen. But it doesn't do quite as much damage as other Attackers like Cinderace. But Greninja does have a bit more bulk and mobility than almost every other Attacker which helps. A solid pick.

Zeraora is insane. It can chase down enemies with Spark and absolutely delete life bars with Wild Charge. Even better, Wild Charge is invincible while its chunking foes' HP. Its great Unite move that is inescapable also is a plus. However, it is quite frail and is a sitting duck if it's moves are on cooldown. It is the closest to S tier of any A tier pokemon.

Mamoswine barely makes the cut into A tier. Its bulk that is bested by only a small group of pokemon and is very helpful when dealing with Attackers. It also is quite powerful in the start of the match but begins to become outclassed by pokemon whose power starts to become insane during late game like Cinderace. Its Unite move isn't very good which doesn't help. I sound like a broken record by now but Melee is worse than Ranged.

Blissey is definitely tied for bulkiness. She has great supporting moves like SafeGuard and actually does somewhat good damage with Egg Bomb & Helping Hand, albeit if she gets up close. Her Unite move is similar to that of Wigglytuff's except it only gives a shield to 1 ally. Unfortunetly, it keeps the trait of a long Unite move cooldown. The only thing holding Blissey back is that to be useful, she has to be helping a Attacker or All-Arounder. Also, if she gets singled out in a team fight, its hard for her to escape as she can't deal enough damage before being KO'd if she fights back. She lives and dies by her allies.

Dragonite is a very strong pick. It overall has good damage, mobility, and bulk. As an All-Arounder should. It simply has nothing crazy to justify being put in S tier. It's Unite move is useful, which helps. It often struggles in team fights though.

Pikachu is a strong pick, with it's strong start and great damage throughout the match. It does begin to become outclassed by other Attackers like Cinderace near the end of the match. It's Unite move is fairly powerful as well, while having one of the lowest cooldowns on a Unite move in the game. A very powerful pick that is just a few points of damage from being S tier.

Blastoise is an amazing Defender. It is probably the best Defender that still has crowd-control, but I'll get to that later. It overall is just an amazing pick. It has great damage for a Defender and can stun enemies for a fairly long time with Surf and Hydro Pump. Also, it's extremely good Unite move is very helpful in team fights. Close to S tier like Pikachu.

The last of A tier is Charizard. Charizard has the best Melee basic attack in the game. It deals great damage and can keep moving while attacking unlike every other pokemon. Its special moves aren't too crazy but they are great moves. Its Unite move is very good as it deals great damage while being granted extra mobility. The downside being you can still be attacked during the Unite move.

-S Tier-

And here we at the last tier, S tier. I'll start with Slyveon. It is a crazy powerful pick that gets insane damage once it reaches a measly Level 4. That power spike early on is what brings Slyveon to S tier. While being a little bit bulkier than other Attackers, it has a decent Unite move with a decent cooldown. A overall very strong pick.

Venusaur is next and the only reason it is here is because of the combo of Giga Drain & Petal Dance. Seriously, it is a little too crazy. Petal Dance gives Venusaur insane mobility that is only outmatched by Speedsters and it often can still catch up to pokemon with escape options when their moves go on cooldown since the effect lasts so long. Petal Dance also melts life bars while also being an AoE. To get maximum HP melting, Giga Drain makes sure you stay alive by healing you a portion of the damage dealt with the move. It's Unite move is also a very powerful AoE. Seriously, it needs some nerfs.

Next up, Greedent. Greedent is a unique Defender since it isn't all too good at defending goal zones and crowd-control. But it does excel at mobility, staying alive, and damage with Bullet Seed. Greedent is very annoying to deal with, often needing 2 or more pokemon to be kept in one place long enough to be KO'd. Greedent can chase down escaping enemies with its great mobility. It's Unite move makes it so Belch or Bullet Seed has infinite ammo for a limited time, certainly a great move for team fights or when the odds are stacked against Greedent. Greedent did get nerfed however, which weakened Belch quite a bit. When you had unlimited ammo after your Unite move, you could mash Belch and absolutely destroy any life bar. Makes sense why they nerfed it, but maybe a little too much. Still is an extremely powerful pick without even mentioning the shenanigans Greedent can do with the enemy team's jungle at the start of the match.

Eldegoss is up next. Arguably the best Supporter since it has great moves which grant extra mobility and bulk to allies. It can also deal the most damage for a Supporter, besides Hoopa. It's Unite move is also insanely useful, healing allies nearly to full HP and pushing away enemies. Eldegoss is just really good at doing it's job.

Gardevoir is a powerful Attacker. As its power begins to ramp up at Level 5 before spiking once it gets it's Unite move. With it's powerful AoE moves and even a stunning move, it can be extremely difficult to approach or score against Gardevoir. Having an insanely powerful Unite Move also helps that sucks in enemies in an AoE before exploding, all while Gardevoir can deal even more damage with Psyshock and Future Sight. It can be a bit frail though and you are open to attack if you miss your AoE moves, so beware.

What once was most probably the best pokemon in the game is Lucario. With crazy strength starting at the beginning of the match, Lucario is a constant threat throughout the match. It exceptionally can handle Attackers well with it's mobile moves like Power-Up Punch and Extreme Speed along with it's damaging Close Combat even though it is a Melee pokemon. Also sporting a Unite move that is exceptionally good at stealing objectives, Lucario is an important pick that is rarely off of teams.

The Flaming Soccer Bunny, the HP Melter, the KO'ing Kicker, Cinderace. With a rather weak early game, Cinderace grows increasingly more and more powerful as the match goes on. With the best basic attack in the game, Cinderace can melt your HP extremely fast, especially with it's Unite move that increases it's basic attack speed. You can probably guess that the reason Cinderace is here is because of it's overwhelmingly powerful basic attack. It's special moves are also fairly powerful which aids in Cinderace's power. It is ridiculous how fast Cinderace can KO when the game is more than halfway done. Beware of Cinderace.

Second to last, we have Machamp. Machamp, like Lucario, can handle Attackers like Cinderace well. It has great mobility with Submission & Dynamic Punch and insane damage with Cross Chop & Close Combat. Although it is a little weak when starting the match, it starts to go wild when it evolves. It's Unite move is extremely good at demolishing life bars. A very intense pokemon indeed.

Last but not least, the Meta Changer, Hoopa. Hoopa is crazy. It can teleport allies back and from base or between goal zones while sporting good damage as well. Using Trick or Hyperspace Hole really depends on your team but either pick is a powerful one. The addition of Hoopa's signature ability Magician that can steal enemies' berries or unclaimed Aeos Energy certainly helps. Now what really pushes Hoopa over the edge is it's out of this world Unite move, Rings Unbound. Hoopa forms a portal for allies to jump through to at it while transforming into Hoopa -Unbound-. While -Unbound-, Hoopa gets a new moveset that is great for taking down many enemies. It's basic attack can even attack 2 enemies at a time. If an -Unbound- Hoopa is too much to handle, imagine when Hoopa's allies hop through the portal. This Unite move is great for capturing objectives and some cheeky goals late game. Hoopa has insane traits like Magician and Hyperspace Hole that are exclusive to itself while also having the best Unite move is why Hoopa is among the best.

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Pokemon Unite .GG thanks user Scooobb for sharing this tier list.

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