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Exp. Share

Exp. Share

Passively gain EXP every second while you have the lowest level on your team. However, you forfeit any EXP you'd normally gain when assisting teammates against wild Pokemon.

In-game description: While the Pokémon has the fewest Exp. Points on its team, it gains 2 Exp. Points per second. However, it will no longer receive shared Exp. Points when its teammates defeat a wild Pokémon.


16 -> 160 (lvl 20)

Maximum Health Points. [Estimated max value]

Movement Speed

0 -> 10 (lvl 20)

The speed of traversing normal terrain. [Estimated max value]

Bonus Passive Experience

2 -> 4 (lvl 20)

Receive bonus experience every second when you're the lowest-leveled Pokémon.