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Energy Amplifier

Energy Amplifier

After using your Unite Move, you deal extra damage for a short time.

In-game description: After the Pokémon uses its Unite Move, the damage the Pokémon deals is increased by 7% for a short time.

Aeos Energy Gather Rate

1.6% -> 4.6% (lvl 20)

Increases the amount of collected Aeos Energy, which is used to score points in an opponent's goal. [Estimated max value]

Cooldown Reduction

1.2% -> 1.8% (lvl 20)

Reduces the cooldowns of special moves, allowing them to be used more often. [Estimated max value]

Unite Move Damage Increase

7% -> 21% (lvl 20)

Temporarily increases your Attack and Sp. Atk after using your Unite Move.