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Pokemon Unite Tier List Patch - Best characters

Best characters

Created by F1ightless
1 Votes
PikachuGengarSlowbroGarchompBlisseyMr. MimeCramorantDecidueyeAbsolMamoswine
Alolan NinetalesMachampGardevoirCrustleTrevenant
Best characters Created By Pokemon Unite .GG

30. Gardevoir- After the buff I expected her to be much more viable and she was... for about 5 seconds. She gets rushed due to low speed and defence and her dps isn't even good enough to back it up. Still the worst character
29. Crustle- At the beginning of the game's lifespan, Crustle was really good and progressively got worse and worse. Getting rid of his crits was the last straw and now we're here.
28. Alolan Ninetales- Basically everything you can say about Crustle applies to her, what little benefits she has been bogged down by trying to make her an attacker model which just doesn't work when you have such negligible damage.
27. Machamp- muscle boy's back and still sucks. The general player base as well as the developers keep trying to fit him into a Lucario shaped hole and we end up with this abomination.
26. Trevenant- I was excited to see Trevenant in the game but sadly is he disappointing. Extra defender talk aside, most of the time you can just ignore him and he acts as a self sustain mon with not enough bulk to back it up.
25. Cramorant- while a fun character, the devs have put little effort in trying to make Cram work in the current environment so naturally he's kinda mediocre
24. Mamoswine- Little to say about him but did they really need to make him that slow?
23. Blissey- Look at how they massacred my girl! Similar to many weaker mons, negligence leaves Blissey vulnerable to the new meta where she sort of falls flat. Future buffs are needed.
22. Pikachu- He still feels like a gnat and I still hate him. While Pikachu was bad, his utility attracted a decent playerbase but now many more people have picked him up. IT IS NOT FOR THE BETTER PLEASE END IT.
21. Mr. Mime- There was a short period where he was good and what a shame. While his damage output and CC is terrifying, he is still just as susceptible to rushes and ganks and is countered even more by the meta mons.
20. Garchomp- I'm very glad for the buffs and Garchomp can be terrifying under the right circumstances but often can't reach that potential in soloq and still requires a jungle spot to not be completely useless.
19. Absol- Strong, aggressive speedster with decent damage on crits, nice.
18. Gengar- I know you are probably going balistic because I think Gengar is better than Absol but hear me out. His speed, ridiculous dps and lack of reliance on crits make him a force to be reckoned with. Despite this, a couple of quality of life changes are still needed to rank him higher.
17. Decidueye- a controversial pick to be sure but this character has fantastic untouched potential which is destroyed by people who don't know how to use them. I can't defend the unite move though that thing sucks.
16. Slowbro- one of the best utility mons in the game and can pair with any pokemon to great effect but can't handle anything by themselves.
15. Blastoise- while slightly overlooked by the current meta-game, Blastoise has always been a viable option with CC galore as well as some savage movement options.
14. Sylveon- still packs a lot of damage and is quite a decent counter to many meta mons.
13. Greninja- While not as dominant as in previous patches, water shuriken outputs so much dps he's still can look like a top tier mon.
12. Greedent- the award of the most annoying character goes to this loser who's current strategy is to steal the other team's jungle, run away and basically never die. Fourtunately, the damage output isn't quite as formidable as before.
11. Charizard- The improvement is tangible, while jumping from the worst character in the game to being one of the deadliest new meta mons is an interesting discussion but fire blast is a better one. Charizard is really good at beating many meta mons with great dps and slow capabilities.
10. Zeraora- let's be real, the only reason is it's basically a requirement that the devs keep forgetting to nerf him. that being said, Wild charge is so insanely powerful it basically wins 90% of 1v1s and even 2v1s because of the switch over feature.
9. Snorlax- kind of a sleeper top tier, never really discussed but always acknowledged as being very powerful. Terrifying opponent with some of the most effective defensive options.
8. Eldegoss- has way to high of a pick rate and frustrating to fight so I never enjoy the lane.
7. Wigglytuff- one of my favourite characters and is a great defensive option with a powerful lane prescene an many options for builds.
6. Venusaur- If the constant buffs to a top tier wasn't enough reason for this character to be broken, the huge bulk, speed and damage will change your mind, solar beam is absolutely terrifying.
5. Cinderace- the best standard attacker in the game is also the most simple, the amount of damage she puts out as well as pressure she can achieve is almost unrivaled.
4. Dragonite- not only does he have the best unite move in the entire game but with the massive customization options allows him to be incredibly versatile and powerful.
3. Tsareena- despite the recent nerfs tsarenna is a powerful bruiser with tons shield and movement option that still dominates the meta.
2. Talonflame- the fastest and most amount of burst damage in the entire games makes you a little strong, who would've thought. As well as being able to completely disengage on the small chance he loses the interaction, it isn't a surprise he is so high.
1. Lucario- what did you expect?

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