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Pokemon Unite Tier List Patch - SoloQ Master Tier List SoloQ Master Tier List

Created by FelixBeast08
0 Votes
CinderaceGarchompZeraoraGreninjaBlisseyMr. Mime
Alolan NinetalesEldegossLucarioDecidueyeVenusaurMamoswineGreedentGardevoirDragonite
GengarCramorantWigglytuffSlowbroTrevenantMachampAegislash SoloQ Master Tier List- Created By Pokemon Unite .GG


#1 - Garchomp. All of Garchomp's 4 moves are viable. I prefer double dragon moveset since it shreds the attackers like Greninja and Cinderace who are very strong.. It can also have huge sustain with basic attack life steal, and its unite move, once practiced, is one of the best in the game. Apart from Machamp, Blastoise and Full Heal with unstoppability, he isn't easy to counter.

#2 - Cinderace. Cinderace deals insane damage and with Scope lens and muscle band, the crits hurt even more with 30% crit at level 9. Pyro ball is also super strong and the Unite Move is the easiest objective secure in the game.

#3 - Greninja. Similar to cinderace but with a weaker unite move - its other abilities still make it top 3.

#4 - Mr. Mime. Confusion into a wall, Barrier, or GS is huge damage for a support, and the unite move locks down whole team fights.

#5 - Blissey. It Synergises extremely well with the top 3 and Helping Hand is the best non-Unite move in the game, making it an S-tier character.

#6 - Zeraora. Discharge, Wild Charge and Unite move are still huge damage, it has lots of mobility, and works very well at most things (including survivability with life steal/Discharge shield/WC invincibility frames), making it a jack of all trades.


#7 - Mamoswine. It actually deals deceptive amounts of damage with High Horsepower into Icicle Crash or Ice Fang. Its poor unite move holds it back from S tier.

#8 - Decidueye. Its Unite Move is very strong now. The amount of mobility to dodge the recently buffed Spirit Shackle holds it back from S tier, but it is still incredibly strong against immobile characters, like Ninetales/Gardevoir.

#9 - Eldegoss. This Supporter helps give lots of bulk to the squishy Greninja, Cinderace, and Decidueye but is outclassed by Blissey with Helping Hand. Pollen Puff nerfs have also hurt it, it's still A-tier because of its synergies, also Leaf Tornado is a great tool for Zeraora and Garchomp.

#10 - Greedent. Hurt by nerf after nerf but Belch and Covet is still strong burst damage and CC, and unite move is still insanely strong.

#11 - Dragonite. Outrage and Hyper Beam are very solid moves, even after HB nerf. Dragonite really has it all - damage, range, mobility, and objective securing with Hyper Beam. Its weakness is lack of CC and being outclassed by Garchomp.

#12 - Venusaur. Sludge Bomb and Solar Beam is, in my opinion, the better moveset now that the S-tier has lots of mobility and can outrun PD/GD with dashes. Solar Beam is huge damage, especially on multiple targets, but as the meta is mobile and has high burst damage Venusaur has fallen from the top 5.

#13 - Gardevoir. Your standard Battlemage, high AoE damage. It has an insanely powerful late-game with its unite move and 1k SpAtk. However, it has no recovery, bulk or escape, meaning it is weaker in SoloQ than duo, trio or 5-stack.

#14 - Lucario. Lucario, in my opinion, is now balanced after Steadfast, PuP, and Extreme Speed were nerfed into the ground. It still has a super-strong early game keeping it at A tier, but it doesn't do much after everyone gets to level 9.

#15 - Ninetales. Aurora Veil is ridiculously strong, but it is a small area, and you also require teammates to follow up on either Avalanche or Dazzling Gleam. It is top 10 in 5 stack but not here. It, like Lucario, also falls off late game due to its poor Unite Move, but it is saved by Aurora Veil and its long multi-stun with Dazzling Gleam,


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Pokemon Unite .GG thanks user FelixBeast08 for sharing this tier list.

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