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Pokemon Unite Tier List Patch - Solo queue tier list

Solo queue tier list

Created by Zeramainunite
1 Votes
MachampMamoswineGreedentPikachuEldegossAlolan NinetalesBlastoiseTrevenantSnorlaxCramorantMr. Mime
Solo queue tier list- Created By Pokemon Unite .GG

Charizard is very good because the unite move is so strong and now he can cast moves while moving and the basic attack got Gengar has a terrible early game, but it got buffed, level 5 you can get hex and level 7 you can sludge bomb and then hex so many times. Shadow ball and dream eater are also good, dream eater's cooldown gets reset if you get a ko on something. Gengar can jungle now because youll be level 5 by the time you get out and get a willo wisp combo with hex, so you can hex about 3 times and then willo wisp again soon after. Talonflame is really good at hiding and coming out and surprising opponents. I like brave bird and ariele ace more than fly and flame charge, because I find fly hard to aim and brave bird can hit everyone and can also steal. Fly also got nerfed and aeriel ace got healing. Cinderace is at the bottom of S tier. Not as good as others I think, because only targets one opponent with the basic attack. Blaze kick was buffed, so pyro ball and blaze kick both work and you can use flame charge or feint with both movesets. Muscle band, scope lens and buddy barrier are good because your mostly using only your basic attack. Always use advanced controls with cinderace, because your basic attack is what does the damage and sometimes you have to use the controls to steal objectives. The unite move is really good for stealing, because of the range and the damage. Greninja has a very cool basic attack that can be ranged or melee. The boosted melee dashes to the other side of the opposing pokemon so it's great for chasing. Water shuriken and surf are both great. Surf dashes, deals damage and resets the cooldown if you KO something. Water shuriken just throws shurikens made of water that deal damage and you heal for each shuriken you land. Smoke screen makes you invisible for a little bit and sends a circle of smoke that if the opponents come into, their vision is worse. Double team is good with water shuriken and both are good with surf. Zeraora, my main, is still good after 2 nerfs. Discharge is still great and volt switch is good with discharge. All movesets work except volt switch wild charge. I put dragonite in A tier because he is amazing with score shield and buddy barrier, hyper used to be OP, but dragonite got nerfed into the ground, but he can still work well. I think hyper beam and outrage work because they didn't touch outrage with the nerfs. Hyper beam can be charged up by using dragon dance. dragon dance's cooldown is reduced by one second each basic attack. The range of extreme speed was buffed so you can use it with outrage if you want. The unite move can be used on top of yourself to score or just win a little fight and get the unite back quickly, but it got nerfed by 25% more consumption. Sylveon gets her unite move at level 8 and the healing can be really helpful and can help win zapdos fight and stay alive. Hyper voice and mystical fire both can do lots of damage. Garchomp got buffed a lot, and now is just really good. all the moves are good and he can do really well late game and early if you can keep the 5 stacks. Tsereena's still in the middle of A, if you use stomp you should use scope lens because it crits. The nerf to triple axle was bad, and stomp got healing, so Stomp is probably what you should use now. Grassy glide has the pull back which is really good for chasing, but it got nerfed, so you can also use trop kick. The unite move is also pretty good. Venusaur has been nerfed and buffed a lot. Solar beam is now really good and should be paired with sludge bomb, but petal dance giga drain is still probably best for carrying. Gardevoir got a hidden buff that lets you get 80% of the cooldown back from future sight. So now you can moonblast future sight and then do it again early, because you don't have to wait for the upgrade. Absol is so good at dealing burst damage and winning early. Absol should be in jungle and in the early game you can be really aggressive and KO everyone. You don't need buddy barrier because you can't be targeted when using your unite move. Absol falls behind late though. Lucario's bottom of A tier because he can extreme speed so many opponents and the upgrade to bone rush is great and makes it so you can extreme speed even more. Power up punch has been nerfed a lot so always use extreme speed. Extreme speed got nerfed so he isn't as good now, but he's really good at scoring goals and getting away so score shield and attack weight are good items to use. Decidueye is the very bottom of A tier now, because he got totally buffed. He can do three spirit shackles now and razor leaf does more damage. The life steal also got buffed. B tier is almost all special attack pokemon, that can't do much damage and can't jungle well. The other pokemon also can't do as much damage as A tier and S tier. C tier is just Wigglytuff, Blissey, and slowbro and crustle who can't do much damage at all. They can't do things by themselves.

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Pokemon Unite .GG thanks user Zeramainunite for sharing this tier list.

In general, tier lists can be interpreted as follows:

  • S: Top-tier Pokemon. These are the best Pokemon to play in general.
  • A: Great Pokemon. These are great options of Pokemon to play and can provide good synergy to your team.
  • B: Good Pokemon. While these Pokemon aren't necessarily ideal to play, they can provide certain synergies allowing them to perform well.
  • C: Okay Pokemon. These Pokemon are typically less than ideal to play.

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