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Pokemon Unite Tier List Patch - Master WuffieGG's Tierlist

Master WuffieGG's Tierlist

Created by WuffieGG
1 Votes
CrustleBlisseyMr. MimeGardevoirWigglytuffBlastoise
CinderaceAlolan NinetalesGarchomp
Master WuffieGG's Tierlist- Created By Pokemon Unite .GG

Hey there, WuffieGG here to show you my personal Tierlist for the Mamoswine/Mobile Release Patch. (

The ranks are as follows:
S-Tier: Important teammates to have almost every game due to either power-spikes, kits or overall proficiency in their respective Role.
A-Tier: Decent picks for whatever match you're going into
B-Tier: Avoid picking these as much as possible except for very rare cases or being extremely experienced with the specific Pokémon in question.
C-Tier: Useless additions that aren't worth picking.

This list will be edited once every patch to accommodate any balance changes happening.
Symbols and what they mean:
★ - Newly added Pokémon
↑ - Pokémon that has improved since last patch
↓ - Pokémon that has gotten worse since last patch
= - Pokémon that hasn't changed since last patch


= Pikachu: Apparently, this lil' rodent Pokémon refuses to not be a mascot so of course he's still up in S-tier to my dismay. Electro Ball is still a massive burst and it just seems that Thunderbolt is getting more and more a hassle to deal with. Definitely pick Pikachu if you want an easy laning experience.

= Machamp: He does have a weak early game as Machop but with the right Held Items this guy is literally the best All-Rounder there is with his Submission being readily available very often and his Barrage Blow is such a game changing Unite Move to use into objectives.

= Gengar: We all know and hate playing against him, but that is only due to how effective a good Gengar can be, spamming Hex until you have no more HP left in the tank and can even surprise you with their Phantom Ambush when you least expect it!

= Eldegoss: Despite Eldegoss no longer having the title for being the only healer in UNITE, they still show that they are no joke with their Pollen Puff and Cotton Guard combo. Cotton Cloud Crash is still one of the best UNITE Moves in the game with its' Healing, Knockback and Damage so they're sitting comfortably in S tier still to this day.

★ Mamoswine: Mamoswine has become quite a strong pick right from the start of their release. This Defender is raging it up in Remoat Stadium, especially from the point of evolving from Swinub to Piloswine. The Ice Fang / High Horsepower combo at Level 8 is a free lockdown of anyone your tusks connect to. Both a strong "Goal-Getter" (see my pun?) and a very stable goal defense with both Frozen and Knockback effects at their disposal.

↑ Venusaur: Our favourite flowertoad has gotten some love to their Moves, especially improving the Sludge Bomb/Petal Dance combo which has skyrocketed them to a high position on the tierlist at last. Incredible damage output and Razor Leaf is now safer than ever to assure the early Wild Pokémon on any lane you prefer!


= Crustle: This crab with a brownie on his head is always a fun pick for whenever you want people to complain about your damage output. As a Defender, having a mix of Rock Tomb and X-Scissor to lock down opponents is sure to be a fun time for you as enemies have less "safe spots" on Aeos Island.

= Blissey: This Pokémon has withstood the test of time and is staying in A-tier, Soft Boiled is still a massive healing utility, usually working with an All-Rounder in the Bottom Lane and her Helping Hand is such a massive Move for those intense teamfights where Movement Speed is paramount to success.

= Mr. Mime: This mime is anything but silent, they mix their annoying Light Screen with Confusion for a noisy, powerful Crowd Control ability that deals a bunch of damage. Beware if he upgrades the Light Screen to Barrier, that will surely make him a dangerous adversary with not one, but TWO walls to lock in cocky enemies.

= Gardevoir: She has been tearing it up on the battlefield consistently despite a bit of a weak early game (not as weak as Machamp/Greninja's early game). Psyshock is an annoying Move that deals way too much damage for its own good and mixed with her Unite Move Fairy Singularity, you're in for a world of pain as you will be pulled into your own doom.

= Wigglytuff: We have here another annoying Supporter that's a huge help to you and your squad in games. Rollout if used correctly can lock enemies in a Crowd Control chain that seems to last forever!

= Blastoise: This defender offers so much flexibility as all Moves are viable. At level 5 you have both Hydro Pump and Water Spout as being viable choices and so does it apply to level 7 as well with Surf and Rapid Spin. Definitely an A tier still after Mamoswine's release.


= Lucario: I used to put this guy in A-Tier but for a while he's fallen from grace as other picks have overcome his potential (namely Charizard and Machamp) but that doesn't mean he doesn't offer anything. He's one of the only Pokémon at the moment which 3rd basic attack does an AoE knockup that can really put a damper on a teamfight and his Power Punch if used correctly can allow you to steal Zapdos and other objectives on the map together with dealing a good chunk of damage.

= Absol: This Speedster is imo one of the weakest as they're incredibly easy to shut down with just a bit of focus. Pursuit can deal a heavy blow with Critical Damage and Sucker Punch can continue the damage chain, but sadly they're too squishy even for Speedster standards as they have little to no escape. It's all in once you use Pursuit.

= Zeraora: bUt ZeRaOrA iS oVeRpOwErEd?! No, he's really not. His biggest weakness is his early game as Slash misses more than it connects and it doesn't get any better before Level 8 where you can choose between Discharge and Wild Charge. He's simply only good if he's ahead and therefore, he belongs in B-Tier.

= Talonflame: Lemme just say this; Speedsters are in general quite weak overall except for one, that being Gengar. Even after Talonflame's buffs, they still don't have enough flexibility to compete against anyone in this current "meta" if we can even call it that this early in release. Flame Charge and Aerial Ace are both quite weak in terms of upgrading your damage output and Brave Bird is the only good choice for upgrading Acrobatics. You can of course pick them anyways, but just now it's a bumpy ride and requires the perfect Held Items to supplement the underwhelming Move Upgrades.

= Cramorant: Of course Cramorant has a place, but in this current meta of scoring faster than your enemies a stationary fish spitter is not really the play. Hurricane might get you out of trouble with its knockup capabilities, but sadly you need way more help to survive than other Attackers with your stationary Unite Move Gatling Gulp Missile but IF you have proper support from an All-Rounder like Machamp or a Supporter like Blissey or Eldegoss, you can be very useful for locking down enemies in stacks.

↓ Snorlax: Snorlax have had little to no trouble fitting into the S-Tier due to the massive amount of Crowd Control this big fella can provide your squad with, Massive Slam is enough to set the pace for an entire fight and even worse for most people, their Block is simply a disaster waiting to happen for any enemy daring enough to engage close to them.

↓ Greninja: Another one of the "weak early game" 3 stage Pokémon in UNITE. Froakie and Frogadier lacks a lot of potential but once you hit level 9, Greninja arrives, bringing the power of Ninjutsu to your squad. Greninja is especially in A-Tier for one reason; Their Moves are all good picks! Pick Double Team or Smokescreen, Water Shuriken or Surf. All of them works well and you can fit it into your own playstyle. Flexibility alone is what makes Greninja a clear A-Tier Attacker!

↓ Charizard: Charizard used to be a C-Tier pick but with the last buffs to his kit he's now a very solid pick for the All-Rounder Role. His Fire Punch and Flare Blitz is a huge hassle to overcome alone, but adding in the Unite Move Seismic Slam you can gain massive amounts of momentum for yourself and your squad with big damage numbers and a tankiness like few others in the role.

↓ Slowbro: Where did the steam go for this once so prominent cornerstone of a composition? To be fair, he's only gone down in tier due to Mamoswine being the new threat on the block but he's still a fairly good pick all things considered. Just.... Don't pick him blindly, okay?


= Cinderace: Please.... Just don't pick Cinderace. EVERY other Attacker has a better damage output and Move Upgrade and Cinderace just kinda... Exists. Feint is a great Move, don't get me wrong. But there's a difference between a good kit and just a great Move. If you really want to go "basic attacker", just go for Greninja as he's "Cinderace but better".

= Alolan Ninetails: Alolan Ninetails has only one redeeming factor being that it evolves from Alolan Vulpix already at Level 4 but that's where it ends. As a Move dependant Pokémon, Pikachu or Gardevoir would be much better choices as their Moves actually deal damage and add pressure while Ninetails just does damage but no pressure.

= Garchomp: Yeeeeeeeah, this is by far the WEAKEST Pokémon in the game at the current patch (for the 3rd patch in a row, mind you. Please buff Garchomp!). As Gibble you're literally just a juicy snack for even Supporters and Defenders and even before you reach Gabite, you'll be in XP limbo before you know it. Pray that you'll have a stomp in your favour because that is the literal only moment Garchomp serves a purpose.

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Pokemon Unite .GG thanks user WuffieGG for sharing this tier list.

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