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Pokemon Unite Tier List Patch - Kreich Tier List

Kreich Tier List

Created by Kreich
2 Votes
CharizardBlisseyCrustleGreedentMachampGarchompGengarAlolan NinetalesMr. MimeDecidueyeGardevoir
Kreich Tier List- Created By Pokemon Unite .GG

Lucario - still one of the best offlaner in the game, can dominate a single line solo, quick movement, powerful attack.
Venusaur - recent updates makes venu more versatile as a main right click damage, or become a mage with solarbeam.
Greninja - even with the nerf, still one of the deadliest pokemon in the game. if you land your shuriken perfectly everytime, you will deal lots of damage and surviving with heals from it as well.
Eldegoss - Eldegod, say no more.
Wigglytuff - she is pink, she is tuff, she is annoying, with lots of stuff.
Tsareena - good at fighting in a team fight as she can run in wreck havoc and still surviving thanks to queenly majesty passive.
Snorlax - He rise again as the top tanker in the game, with the current reworks from the last update makes him more useful earlier with his slam and shield.


Zeraora - a versatile pokemon, can be mid, can be offlane, can be carry. nothing can be wrong playing zera.
Pikachu - its a surprise for me as pikachu first main buff update is actually become his rise. pikachu actually doing more damage now and become a constant threat in the mid and late game.
Blastoise - same old blastoise, his ultimate is still big.
Slowbro - the last updates makes him somehow stronger, idk what the dev done with his passive but, right now, he is an easy tank to use for all people.
Dragonite - new pokemon hype, still looking OP, good at 1v1.
Talonflame - the best assassin-mage pokemon in the game, can steal objectives freely with fly, can avoid attack with fly, can deal a lot of damage with fly, can pass through obstacles with fly. pick fly, and you gucci.
Sylveon - good but not so good at the same time. any normal skills combination are equally good and conditional, but the ultimate move let this pokemon down.
Cinderace - current update bring the old cinderace back to surface. although not as strong as cinderace at the beginning, but still an ok pokemon to pick.
Absol - idk what or how people play with this, one of the pokemon that i dont understand where his damage coming from. always be able to 1 hit me. while me playing absol, i become a trash. i put it here because i always felt like im melting everytime i met absol.
Bluebird (cramorant) - a good mage type pokemon with surf and hurricane, not so fancy with the other skill. ultimate skill can zoning enemy out perfectly and can be repositioned by eject button.


Charizard - without ultimate and burn damage, he is nothing.
Chansey - a support which are too niche. ultimate is hard to work with. cant do anything by itself.
Crustle - still a good and annoying pokemon if one use it as a score stealer and break all the goals alone. but its not like he can do much in fight which makes the game situation become 5 v 4 v 1.
Greedent - a better version of crustle, im hesitating to put him in A or B, but i put it here since greedent can also be ignored most of the times. but of course those who master greedent, who can do the initial D thing with him and land every belch to the enemy, is something that is terrifying. i'd say this should be an AB tier.
Machamp - too single target, not actually a killer, nothing without his ultimate.
Garchomp - only a few can play him right.
Gengar - people use him only because of the battlepass skin
Ninetails - a good carry to be fair.... but there are lots of carry that better than ninetailes at the moment. maybe will be up there when they implement banning system in rank match.
Mr.Mime - can only annoy, rarely do anything special. sometimes makes the play awkward with the wall and push.
Decidueye - it is good, but it is bad at the same time. on the paper everything looks awesome, idk why the implementation is just a no no.\
Gardevoir - yes she got reworked and buffed in the recent update, but, most of the skills are not reliable. no sure hit skill made gardevoir sometimes useless as people will use skill to no where and deal no damage at all. need a user with a precision to land every single skill on point to make gardevoir useful.


Mamoswine - get out of here.

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Pokemon Unite .GG thanks user Kreich for sharing this tier list.

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  • B: Good Pokemon. While these Pokemon aren't necessarily ideal to play, they can provide certain synergies allowing them to perform well.
  • C: Okay Pokemon. These Pokemon are typically less than ideal to play.

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