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Pokemon Unite Tier List Patch - 1950+ Master + Reasons

1950+ Master + Reasons

Created by Draydeth
4 Votes
Mr. MimeZeraoraDragoniteGreninjaVenusaurSylveonTalonflame
GreedentBlastoiseCharizardBlisseyAlolan NinetalesDecidueyeSnorlaxGardevoirAbsol
1950+ Master + Reasons- Created By Pokemon Unite .GG

NOTE - There is tiering within each tier, the closer a Pokemon is to the top-left the closer they are to the tier above and the same with the bottom-right.

--- Individual Analysis ---

Tsareena is realistically SS tier and stands as the strongest solo queue bully, but is more evenly balanced in stack 5v5 (still very clearly S).

Pikachu and Wigglytuff are only S tier when used within a strong comp and with the correct items (Amp is required on Pikachu and he is otherwise A-B tier), whilst Lucario and Cinderace are almost always good choices. Eldegoss is consistently a strong support pick, although is overshadowed in terms of fight-changing ability by Wiggly and Mime, and is better for a safer early-mid game.

Greninja, Dragonite, and Mime are optional adjustments (instead of Cinderace, Tsareena, and Wigglytuff) depending on your ability with each mon and the overall team composition. Greninja won't do as well providing all the damage in a team fight but can be a better duelist than Cinderace. Mr.Mime should only be played when stacking with at least one other, as they're incredibly reliant on teamwork.

Sylveon remains in an odd spot and whilst strong when played correctly suffers from limited damage late on, would not recommend picking up this patch.

Blissy suffers from the same problem as ever in finding little safety in solo-queue but is closer to A tier when played with a team.

Gardevoir (and to a lesser degree Blastoise, Charizard, Decidueye and Garchomp) are weak not because of their late-game power but because of how easy it is to put them behind, although Gardevoir is better than before.

--- Role Round-ups ---

Decidueye is unfortunately outdone by Cinderace and Greninja in terms of basic attack damage and safety, with no escape abilities. Spirit Shackle can be used to good effect if a straight attack build is used. The non-basic attack attackers are led by Pikachu, Venusaur and Sylveon as listed above, mostly because they have a stronger early game presence but don't drop off late. An attacker needs to reach their Unite move quickly and without dying a lot in the process; and needs to carry their weight for the second Dred and Arti/Zap fights. Worry less about scoring unless you're building around Weight.

Zeraora and Talonflame remain the only sensible Speedster choices unless you can capitalize on Absol's powerspike-y nature. Do not play any of the speedsters outside of the mid/jung, they are usable because of their early XP lead and suck without it. As always Unite is a game of objectives, play around Drednaw and Arti/Zap as much as possible, and save your Unite moves for picks just before those fights, or for those fights if no picks are available.

Sadly Defenders are pretty bad right now, but Blastoise remains a good choice due to the more bruiser-y nature of his set, Greedant on the absolutely ridiculous CC immunity and Lax is in a better spot this patch if you wanted to play a more old-school tank. Mamoswine can fit well into a comp when you are desperate for hard CC but I would avoid Crustle and Slowbro completely. I'm not a fan of 1-3 but if you do run it you need a top Tank or All-Rounder

Similarly, Machamp and Garchomp are completely eclipsed by other All-Rounders, as is Gengar but with Speedsters. Gengar is desperate for his old Hex-set back, and Garchomp and Machamp need a better way to contribute to late fights or a better way to survive the early-mid game because they currently struggle for both.

At their best in a stack, and worst in solo-queue. Be careful about putting too much of your power and strength into someone who you cannot guarantee is able to make use of it. Move away from XP-Share safety build into a more early-game bully sort of strategy if you're playing solo, using your kit to deny enemies a safe early game, and create space for your lane partner(s). Eldegoss, Mime, and Wigglytuff remain strong, Blissy is by no means bad, but harder to utilize outside of a stack of 5 friends.

Hope this has been helpful! See you in game.

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Pokemon Unite .GG thanks user Draydeth for sharing this tier list.

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