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Pokemon Unite Tier List Patch - My Personal Tier List

My Personal Tier List

Created by Galaa
1 Votes
CramorantSylveonGardevoirPikachuCrustleAlolan NinetalesZeraoraGreninja
EldegossMr. MimeSlowbro
My Personal Tier List- Created By Pokemon Unite .GG


Cramorant is the best <3 (you could put him in A tier but it's my main so it's in S for me)

Sylveon has a good mobility while jungling, so it's easy to play with him, you just have to know the basics of the game and a little about Sylveon attacks to destroy your opponent with devastating attacks, plus ; Sylveon has vamp so it's op I guess.

Gardevoir is not as good as Sylveon is, BUT, instead of gradually doing damage, with Sylveon, Gardevoir is doing the damage instantly and can kill really easily if his moves are mastered, plus ; the UNITE MOVE grants a lot of things, it brings all the things nearby in the Blackhole, deal damage, and make it easy to aim for your team mates.

Pikachu has a lot of great moves, good mobility, and a lot of attack, it can secure objective like Drednaw or Zapdos, with his UNITE he can 1v5 I guess. (if he stay out of range)

Crustle is kind of the boss in matter of tanking damage, it also has a very good move speed because of the Shell Smash move and a lot of attack with X Scissor, his UNITE gives him even more tankiness so it's a plus I guess.

Ninetales is the best in matter of annying opponents, by slowing them and freezing them, with your team mate, you can kill everything I guess (note that it's a very good pkmn early level 4 because it can slow you as many auto-attacks he does, just insane)

Zeraora is kind of the boss in matter of auto-attacks, you kinda just have to take the red buff and attack everything that moves until you get kills ; it's the easiest gameplan i've ever seen in a MOBA but I like it. (sometimes I HATE it)

Greninja is very variable of the player style ;
- you can play very safe by using the Shurikens and stay at distance
- you can play very straightforward by diving into ennemies and dealing enormeous auto-attack damage
I like how it change depending of what items you take, not like some other pkmn that you have to play a specific way or it's bad I guess.


I consider Cinderace as the best A tier because it's just lame to play against, if you don't have an S tier pkmn I guess, if the pkmn would had some more interest than just following ennemies and auto-attacking, I would up him a little to S tier, but for now, I consider this pkmn a good and annoying stalker.

Gengar has been debuffed since the last updates, and it's not a bad thing since his other moves has been buffed ! Gengar is also a great finisher and follower, it has a lot of mobility, his unite is kind of bad I guess, but not as bad as you would think, just a little.

Talonflame is one of the most versatile pkmn in the game, just because you also have many ways to play him and all his moves are great ! just the fact that he evolves slowly takes him down to the A tier, I could have took him down to B tier, BUT his UNITE MOVE is SO useful. (Birb)

Absol is the Critter himself, the one and only ! just because of crits, he has a place in the A tier ? yes. he also has a good mobility I guess, and a unique UNITE MOVE.

Garchomp is the one, like literally the only one to have good substain while attacking, and he also as devastating attacks like his UNITE that has the most durability because you can kill anything with this move (the only thing that is bad, is the fact that he can't take or steal objective like Zapdos while destroying ennemies, and he's not so tanky so by zoning 'em, you can kill him easily)

Lucario is kinda fun to play because he as a lot of strange tools to do some annoying things, like avoiding AOE with his dash, or killing seomone with the UNITE from very far, but this kind of play takes time to take place in a real competitve game, so it's basically inconstant, apart from that, he as good tankiness because of the shield he as.

Machamp is the best diver I think, he has good mobility and good diving tools, good defense, and a lot of attack, I would have put it better than Lucario if he were funny to play, but since it's not the case, I put it under.

Greedent is the most annoying pokemon of all time, personally I hate it, the design, the gameplay and even playing against feels bad, it's kinda like Snorlax but he is twice the annoying than him.

Mamoswine is the first B tier just because he as not a good mobility but can deal some real damage in battles, he can slow opponents too so it's kind of good for diving, in fact he should be A tier, but his UNITE move is bad, just by the fact that it deals no damage if you have no items for that UNITE.

Blissey is the ultimate support, gives buffs movement speed, heal, and a lot of heal, more damage, and shield, even his UNITE is broken, but since it's a support, it's not going far on the tier list.

Wigglytuff is kind of funny, he can put opponents asleep, tank good damages, make them flinch, his UNITE gives a enormeous shield on nearby allies, but he's not as good as Blissey.

Tortank is a very good tank, but that's not what he's reputed for, what he's reputed for, it's his UNITE move, because that deals so more damage than the Mamoswine one, that's insane, it also as a similar range, but he's badder than him just because that's the only thing he has that the others don't have.

Venusaur is kind of bad, I would have put it in C tier but since he as been buffed, yeah, it's kind of a thing, solar beam does crazy damage and his UNITE is kind of cool now, it's kind of tactical nuke that you can send when ennemies are low, but for now he stays in B tier just because he hasn't been buffed on his Sludge Bomb.

Charizard is kind of bad nowadays, he can do stuff but can't take objective, he's slow without his UNITE and has not a good range of auto-attack, and that's a BIG problem for the flamethrower he got, the only thing that keeps him from falling down in C tier is his UNITE that can do things than other's can't do.

Snorlax is kind of annoying since the players at the beginning of the game knew nothing about the game and especially Snorlax, but nowadays, It's kind of easy to predict what he's going to do, and his tricks, the only good thing about him is that he's the tankiest thing you've ever seen, if played with the right items, it could be useful, but only in the begining of a game.

Eldegoss is kind of good but just the fact that he can't 1v1 other healers debect me, and his UNITE move kinda' look like Sylveon one, but badder.

Mr. Mime is sure something, but you have to practice many hours to 1v1 everyone, since I'm kinda lazy, I don't want to spend that much time training a pokemon that I don't like in the design, attacks, and the fact that he is categorized in the support section of the game just make no sense at all. (It's kinda like a support crossed with a defender)

Slowbro is categorized defender by the game and he fullfy his role perfectly, but he can't kill anyone if he pick another move than Surf, just because it can bump ennemies repeatedly does not mean he's gonna do damage and your also obligated to play it with Telekinesis or it defend badly with just amnesia, so in the base he's good, but why does a defender has moves that can burn ennemies (Scald) and a buff move that increases stats he could not use in end game (Amnesia).

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