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Pokemon Unite Tier List Patch - Best to Worst Pokémon Overall

Best to Worst Pokémon Overall

Created by MikoDiNookie
1 Votes
Alolan NinetalesBlastoiseMachampAbsolCinderaceEldegoss
SlowbroVenusaurCramorantMr. Mime
Best to Worst Pokémon Overall- Created By Pokemon Unite .GG

The Tier List is an Overall in terms of usage and function of each Pokémon in the current meta.
This may not be the best example of the current Meta but is, perhaps, the closest.

S - Tier

Alolan Ninetales: Currently one of, if not, the best Attackers of the game, both Dazzling Gleam/Aurora Veil are it's best combo for dueling and appliying constant CC and Lane Pressure, also it's the owner of one of the most annoying passives in the game, since it can deal damage.

Blastoise: King of the defenders, Blastoise can both, resist tons of damage and even deal tons of damage, his entire kit consistence is on displace the oponents for it's team, it's Unite move is also a game changing one.

Machamp: After the fix and nerf on Lucario, Machamp takes place as the king of all rounders, turning inmune to CC and increase his attack plus landng lethal blows, it's scary and a good Machamp will always win it's lane.

Cinderace: Best Hyper Carry currently, early stages is decent but as the game progresses, Cinderace wins it's power house, long range basic attacks and a targeted Unite move, Cinderace can rush objectives easily and can take down multiple Pokémon before falling down.

Eldegoss: Current Best Support Pokémon, Pollen Puff and Cottonguard are a "Heroes Never Die" combo, it's Unite move is also a excellent tide turner, it also has the harass combo with Leaf Storm and Cottonspore.

Absol: Deadly Speedster due the augmented Critical Hit Ratio, plus the only Pokémon in the game who's moves can all deal Critical Strikes, excellent mobility and One Shot potential, best snow baller of the game.

A Tier

Pikachu: Pikachu has lost it's consistency with the newest arrivals in the game, falling one tier behind, but can still pack a punch finding it's place in the jungle.

Gengar: It would be S tier but Gengar suffers of the Glass Canon effect, once it gets caught by CC, there's 0 chance for it to survive, again, all speedsters suffer from this but Gengar has limited mobility, only being fast when out of combat.

Wigglytuff: Solid Support pick, but has almost no real "Support" skills besides CC, wich causes Wigglytuff to be a Fake Defender.

Snorlax: Snorlax fell from the throne when Blastoise arrived, turning to be a secondary option, that excels in the beginning but falls of hard in the late game, his passive literally stops "working" after the first goal zones get taken, leaving him with no real use of it.

Gardevoir: Another solid Attacker, Gardevoir has very insane outplay potential, but sadly falls off with the Glass Cannon effect, either it can be too good or too bad, eventually falling off behind as the game progresses.

Garchomp: Garchomp is an interesting choice, can be built into Tank or Bruiser, both builds work good, but it's Unite move can be, quite hard to control it, you find landing 2 or 3 hits out of the 6 he launches, it needs proper control of it's movement.

Lucario: Self Explained, after the nerf it fell off, however Lucario still offers a solid gameplay, heck, might even go back to S tier with the slightest buff or nerf to it's competition.

Mamoswine: Mamoswine works as an excellent alternative to Blastoise, solid CC, decent damage and a game changing Unite move, however, Mamoswine suffers of slow cast animations, wich causes it to not be an excellent choice, any buff will place it on S tier, that's for sure.

Crustle: Crustle is a superb Bruiser with Shell Smash and X-Scissor, it's Unite move can turn tides on it's favor and can be a force to reckon, however, Shell Smash sacrifices it's tankiness and it's supposed to be one.

Talonflame: Excellent Begginer option for Speedster enjoyers, massive damage but very fragile if taken of guard, it's Unite move can either be too good or way too bad.

Zeraora: Contrary of the popular belief, Zeraora can be considered the most "Op" Speedster but, no, Zeraora suffers of the same thing all Speedsters suffer, being squishy, can be taken down rather easily but is still a rough Snowballer, don't let it scale and it just fails.

Greninja: Solid Attacker and a decent Jungler, Greninja's a fake Speedster, Watershuriken and Double Team are it's best combo and Greninja can take down Defender with rather ease, however, it's very squishy and can be taken down with ease.

Blissey: Softboiled heals for very little, but it can be used up to 4 times in a row, healing herself and her ally of choose, her unite move is fully support oriented and boosts the ally she chooses, she also is pretty tanky, however, she is too ally dependant as she herself can't do much (Unless you build her to Smack everyone)

B Tier

Slowbro: Many might opose to this one, Slowbro is yes, a good Defender, but sadly, as it's name is, it is SLOW, Unite Move only works on one objective and roots itself during the effect, giving time to the rival team to either get rid of Slowbro's team since it can't help them, Surf is perhaps it's only best move.

Venusaur: Slowly making it's way up, Venusaur Giga Drain + Petal Dance and Tanky usage is causing it to be a scary power house, Venusaur is slowly shining but still needs more push ups, since it starts very slow.

Cramorant: Good on paper, terrible on practice, Cramorant needs time to master, it can destroy you or you destroy it, whatever happens first.

Mr.Mime: Mr.Mime works as a fake attacker besides it's supportive play style, Confusion + Barriers sure is a deadly combo and it's Unite Move is annoying, however, Mr.Mime is pretty squishy.

C Tier

Charizard: Fell all the way down since it's game play is NOTHING to envy the other All Rounders, horrible early/mid game, slow late game, can't do much without it's Unite move and even after using it can be taken down, Charizard is struggling a lot to keep up the pace in the Meta, it seriously need some love.

That's it, have ya'll!

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Pokemon Unite .GG thanks user MikoDiNookie for sharing this tier list.

In general, tier lists can be interpreted as follows:

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  • B: Good Pokemon. While these Pokemon aren't necessarily ideal to play, they can provide certain synergies allowing them to perform well.
  • C: Okay Pokemon. These Pokemon are typically less than ideal to play.

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