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Ultra Eldegoss

Ultra Eldegoss Eldegoss - Animorte

Pollen Puff
Pollen Puff
Cotton Spore
Cotton Spore
Shell BellEnergy AmplifierExp. ShareEject Button
Pollen Puff
Cotton Spore
Shell Bell
Energy Amplifier
Exp. Share
Eject Button
Add Fav
Supporter Bottom Lane

Secure Zapdos every time!

Build Path


LeafageFirst Pick

Damage. Slow.

<Pollen Puff

Pollen Puff

AOE heal/damage. (+)Ally denfense up.

<Cotton Spore

Cotton Spore

Defense up. Then: AOE damage. Slow. (+)Defense up.

<Cotton Cloud Crash

Cotton Cloud CrashUNITE

Untargetable. Then: AOE damage. Displacement. AOE Heal.

Shell Bell

Shell Bell

Special attacks heal 45 HP, plus a percentage of your Sp. Atk.

Energy Amplifier

Energy Amplifier

After using your Unite Move, you deal extra damage for a short time.

Exp. Share

Exp. Share

Passively gain EXP every second while you have the lowest level on your team. However, you forfeit any EXP you'd normally gain when assisting teammates against wild Pokemon.

Eject Button

Eject Button

Instantly teleport yourself somewhere nearby.

Stat Boosts

Energy Amplifier
Shell Bell
Energy Amplifier
Exp. Share
Exp. Share
Sp. AD+16
Shell Bell

Special Move Vamp

Bonus Passive Experience

Unite Move Damage Increase


This is the Zapdos securing combo:
First - keep a safe distance while healing allies (you need to stay alive) and move your screen to watch as Zapdos is being taken down.
Second - when Zapdos is about 20% hp, then you act with the following...
- Use Cotton Spore
- Move in (or Eject Button) toward Zapdos and into the other team
- Unite immediately (this will trigger Cotton Spore early to immediately knock up opponents, a unique trick to stop them from dealing more damage)
- Time the Unite drop to secure Zapdos (bonus if you can place it to knock enemies away from their base, giving your team more space to run and score)

*Practice this combo in the Practice Area with cooldowns off and immediate level up!

This combo should also be used to secure the second Drednaw for your team; most of the time you won't have Unite for the first one. Make sure to save Unite move for these crucial fights; don't get tricked into wasting it just to survive a skirmish or to finish off the enemy team. It's not worth losing the Unite to a huge cooldown.

Play the rest of the game until then by using Pollen Puff from a safe distance to keep your allies alive and Cotton Spore to slow opponents that are trying to chase/score/escape.

If you're wondering:
- Shell Bell lowers your cooldowns for more healing as well as Energy Amplifier, which also provides more damage for your Unite securing Zapdos.
- Experience Share lets your team get ahead (experience is OP). The health and movement speed also allow you to benefit from Cotton Spore's aggressive capabilities.
- You can use Buddy Barrier or Focus Band instead of Experience Share if you're not comfortable with how to use it yet.

Thank you :)

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