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More Detailed Information About Build Guides

Builds involve which moves you learn in battle.

In Pokemon Unite, you must choose which moves a Pokemon learns as it levels up. We refer to these choice combinations as a "build," and it includes the items you equip before battle as well as the general strategy going into each match. Each guide is authored with respect to the latest patch. Pokemon Unite .GG is constantly updated with the latest stats, characters, items, and move sets.

The first move you learn at level one is an important choice. Even though you will be forced to learn both level one moves, the one you pick first will greatly influence what you can do in the first minutes of play.

Most Pokemon have an aggressive choice and a utility choice at level one. Be sure you read this build's Guide section in case the user shared any specific strategies for selecting the recommended first move.

The second and third move choices are from sets of two abilities, and you may pick only one from each. These are the most important pieces of any build. These moves reflect the intended play style as well as specific considerations for team strategy or counter building against the other team.

Items greatly expand what's possible with any given Pokemon. With the right items, you can make a slow Pokemon fast, or a squishy one tanky. Make sure to read this build's Guide section to understand the items used and how they change the Pokemon, especially if the build describes an off-meta play style.

Stat boosts from items are calculated from the item's maximum level. It is recommended you level up your items to achieve the full effect of any strategy recommended here.

Pokemon builds may also recommend a lane. Lane choice most often affects what interior Pokemon you can catch for experience points, and may imply certain roles gravitating toward one lane or the other as the meta game evolves.

Your battle item (the one the trainer holds, not the Pokemon) will also impact what plays you can make and how aggressive you can be. Please see this build's Guide section to determine if the recommended battle item has a deeper meaning to any strategy recommended here.

Creators may also recommend up to three Pokemon that pair well with a build. Team dynamics are the most important aspect of Pokemon Unite, so always keep in mind what other Pokemon are on your team and how their abilities synergize with your own.

Builds of particularly high quality are featured prominently on our website. Learn how to get your build featured.

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