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Pokemon Unite Tier List Patch - Meta Game ‘Mons

Meta Game ‘Mons

Created by NaniTheFck
1 Votes
CinderaceWigglytuffAlolan NinetalesEldegossSlowbro
VenusaurGardevoirMr. MimeCrustleZeraora
Meta Game ‘Mons- Created By Pokemon Unite .GG

I’ll add more explanations at a later time.

Greninja (Jungler/Center) — Greninja currently dominates the jungle role. While weaker early on, Greninja becomes a powerful and mobile ganker with the Smokescreen/Surf combo after the second jungle clear.

Blissey (Support/Bottom) — Blissey has all the makings of a great support choice. Tanky? Check. Healing? Check. CC? Check. Shields? Check. Buffs? Check. Depending on team composition, Blissey can focus either on zoning utility or buffing the team. Coordinated teams should always grab Helping Hand, but solo Blissey may find more value with Egg Bomb as ransoms may not capitalize on the short-buff Helping Hand provides.

Lucario (Brawler/Top&Bottom) — Lucario is beefy and hard-hitting if played correctly. Can go either top or bottom depending on the team composition. Can also act as a jungle if no other options exist.

Cramorant (Carry/Top&Bottom) — Cramorant is only S-Tier if the controlling player is skilled. Timing centric and ability focused, Cramorant can deal plenty of damage while also being disruptive for enemy Pokémon.

Snorlax (Tank/Top&Bottom) — Snorlax is undeniably tanky and hits hard against squishier Pokémon. Heavy Slam continues to be a powerful initiator for team fights. Snorlax will easily turn the tide of any team fight if the enemy team gets baited into focusing it rather than the carries. (Snorlax let’s HP get low to lure attacks and pops Unite Move while allies tear into the enemy team.)

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Pokemon Unite .GG thanks user NaniTheFck for sharing this tier list.

In general, tier lists can be interpreted as follows:

  • S: Top-tier Pokemon. These are the best Pokemon to play in general.
  • A: Great Pokemon. These are great options of Pokemon to play and can provide good synergy to your team.
  • B: Good Pokemon. While these Pokemon aren't necessarily ideal to play, they can provide certain synergies allowing them to perform well.
  • C: Okay Pokemon. These Pokemon are typically less than ideal to play.

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