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Pokemon Unite Tier List Patch - Blissey Update/Patch Tier List

Blissey Update/Patch Tier List

Created by Fischeumel
0 Votes
VenusaurPikachuAlolan NinetalesMachampMr. MimeSnorlaxGardevoirAbsolCrustleZeraoraEldegossCramorant
Blissey Update/Patch Tier List- Created By Pokemon Unite .GG

Charizard: Pretty good Unite Move, but doesn´t deal enough damage, especially in a 1v1
Slowbro: Insane CC, but the Damage in a 1v1 is way too low
Gengar: Deals MASSIVE Damage with Sludge Bomb/Hex combo, but if you miss with Sludge Bomb you can´t really do anything (Also its useless bc Blissey)
Garchomp: A bit stronger in early game because of the Bulldoze and movement speed buff, but still weak. Very strong in late game tho
Talonflame: Dies way too fast, but deals massive damage and ist great for stealing objectives
Venusaur: Insane in late game because of Solar Beam spam and solid in early and mid game
Pikachu: Deals insane damage and has a lot of CC, but is pretty squishy
Ninetales: Insane CC and damage, but is also very squishy
Machamp: SUBMISSION IS TOXIC and it deals very good damage overall, but that´s it
Mr. Mime: Insane in Zapdos fight because it can just block off the path to the middle, deals very good damage and has huge CC
Snorlax: Even after the nerf very good, but not in S tier anymore
Guardevoir: Weak in early game but very strong jungler, also it learns its power spike at level 6 other than Garchomp does
Absol: Deals INSANE damage, but only if you crit. If you don´t its very weak. Also it sucks in late game
Crustle: With the Stealth Rock buff very strong in combination with Rock Tomb and it tanks a lot
Zeraora: Deals way too much damage and is OP in team fights, but it doesn´t have its Unite Move ready for the first Drednaw fight bc it learns it at level 10
Eldegoss: Deals good damage for a supporter and is great in team fights
Cramorant: Insane CC and insane damage, but its very squishy
Wigglytuff: Is tanky as hell, has insane CC and deals good damage, also decent mobility
Lucario: Power-Up Punch is way too strong and its insane at 1v1´s, but the Unite Move is trash
Greninja: The damage is insane and it is a kill machine. Even after the Smokescreen nerf super strong
Cinderace: Blissey and Cinderace is probably the best lane comp in the game. Helping Hand + Fast Attack Speed = Machine gun (And Cinderace hits like a truck)
Blissey: (When im making this Blissey wasnt here yet) Helping Hand best move in game, it hard counters CC Characters and deals very good damage

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Pokemon Unite .GG thanks user Fischeumel for sharing this tier list.

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