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Pokemon Unite Tier List Patch - Ranked Tier List

Ranked Tier List

Created by joombee
1 Votes
WigglytuffGreninjaCinderaceAlolan NinetalesSlowbroVenusaurMr. MimeCramorant
Ranked Tier List- Created By Pokemon Unite .GG

The meta:
Lucario is simply the strongest pokemon in unite and is good in any lane or jungle. They have mobility, cc, cc immunity, shielding, great damage, and amazing secure. If you're struggling to climb to masters, ride this poke to glory. Run Bone Rush/Power-Up Punch with eject button. Good items include Scope Lens, Focus Band, Score Shield, and Buddy Barrier.

Eldegoss is pretty much the only proper heal support. Along side Lucario I consider it mandatory for any team comp. Its shielding, healing, and even decent poke damage wins against any team that isn't running it. It also is really good at babysitting bad players in lane or good players that want to go for riskier plays.

Snorlax is the best defender. It's great defensive spread coupled, strong burst damage, and insane kit puts it over the top. Heavy Slam is mandatory and can be used as an opener or escape. It combos really well into block or yawn and often the cc is long enough to then combo into a second Heavy Slam. Most run block over yawn, but yawn shouldn't be considered a throw but is better only is some situations. While snorlax should be considered over the other defenders, slotting in other defenders isn't an auto loss and is still good in double defender comps.

Best of the A Tier:
Wigglytuff, greninja, and cinderace along with S tier are run in the best team comps. Cinderace is arguably the best ADC. Wigglytuff has incredible stats now and is an amazing lane bully. Greninja is great for a number of reasons, but should only be piloted by people who can play them well as they are very fragile and you can easily grief your team if you're not able to judge when to dive for the last hit reset. If you want to play good attackers that aren't lucario, run these pokemon.

The rest of A tier: pretty much the rest of the strong lane bullies and adc's. You can't really go wrong with any of them. Mr. Mime does need wall bangs to be effective though.

B Tier: Not bad but not optimal. You can win with these pokemon, but they are more dependent on individual skill. A case could be made for Machamp A tier, but is at least the best of the B tiers. Gengar nerfs have really brought them down to mere mortal status. Once again, none of these guys are bad, but there are better versions of them in the higher tiers and you have to play them better to compensate.

C Tier: No pokemon is garbage, but these pokemon are very much outclassed by the others and need significant changes before they could be considered viable in higher tiers. Pikachu does pretty good damage with their skill combos but is very limited otherwise and is too easily trapped by the better pokes. Charizard and Garchomp struggle early game and in higher ranks you'll fall behind in levels which they both desperately need to hit their power spikes. Once they hit their spikes they only really have good damage, but their kits are too predictable and easy to outplay. They are both cool pokemon but they were done dirty and really need some love.

About tiers in general:
Most of what I've said here applies to Ultra rank and above. Run whatever you want to before then and as long as you know the basic phases of them game and have strong fundamentals you'll get there in no time. Garchomp is my most run and highest win rate pokemon. It is absolutely hysterical to noob stomp with. That doesn't mean I don't see their obvious deficiencies in higher ranks though.

About items:
Most of the top players seem to agree that buddy barrier is the best item overall. The item gives the highest hp and the shield is large enough to give your teammates a second health bar during the time when extra health is most impactful. The best attack items do percent increase in damage (focus band and wise glasses), the flat damage items are okay early game but drop off pretty severely late game. Scope lens is good on some pokemon because it can do surprise damage and randomly win fights you'd otherwise lose. The best defensive items are buddy barrier, focus band, score shield, and experience share. Some items that look cool like rocky helmet, leftovers, and shell bell have long hidden cool downs which really gimp their viability. Basically you can mix and match any two good defense items with a good attack item and you'll be fine.

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Pokemon Unite .GG thanks user joombee for sharing this tier list.

In general, tier lists can be interpreted as follows:

  • S: Top-tier Pokemon. These are the best Pokemon to play in general.
  • A: Great Pokemon. These are great options of Pokemon to play and can provide good synergy to your team.
  • B: Good Pokemon. While these Pokemon aren't necessarily ideal to play, they can provide certain synergies allowing them to perform well.
  • C: Okay Pokemon. These Pokemon are typically less than ideal to play.

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