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Pokemon Unite Tier List Patch - Master Rank Tierlist

Master Rank Tierlist

Created by Yuleri
1 Votes
GarchompZeraoraVenusaurAlolan NinetalesMr. MimeTalonflameEldegossAbsol
Master Rank Tierlist- Created By Pokemon Unite .GG

S-Tier: This tier is the tier I classify as the best at the moment and has the easiest solo carry potential.
For me this is only greninja, this character has so much going for him with his dashes, smokescreen and his insane basis attack damage output. Together with a save ult. This pokemon just brings so much safe damage output.

For me this are the characters who will do well in every teamcomp and it doesn't matter who is in your team. You can pick and play them and it will be easy to grind some ranks up.

Special mention for the all-round characters in here( as these are my main and can give some more tips about why these are better then Garchomp and charizard atm)

Lucario: This guy will be the best allrounder if you play with a team and know everyone will do exactly what they need to do. He probably could classify as S-tier if everyone know exactly what they are doing. As everyone is new to this game this wont happen even if you play as a team.
What makes this character so strong: His bone rush abbility gives him a lot of safety and damage together with his power up punch he deals a lot of damage. But what would make him classify as a S-Tier character is his ult. At the moment the game is much based around good objective secure, killing zapdos often just wins you the game. Timing the Lucario ult well on zapdos gives maybe the best secure in the game. This makes him such a deadly force in a good organised team.

Machamp: Probably the best allrounder for ranked and my personal favourite. His abbilities give him so much crowd control and damge what puts your team up for so much succes. you throw someone in front of a attacker with submission and they are almost always dead. Next to the Crowd control this brings and damage. you get a free sprint in the game and as mobility is safety this move is just broken. Personally I would recommend taking Cross Chop with him. You do some good damage but more important you get a dash next to your sprint of submission what makes you zoom around the map. This makes almost no one able to run away from you. His ult isn't the best secure for zapdos but still brings great Crowd Control and his teamfight so much better then Lucario.

These characters ain't bad to my opinion but are way more dependable of your team. For these characters you should keep your team in mind and if you already have a B or C tier character in your team you probably should consider another character.

For the allrounder in here:
Garchomp: Garchomp is amazing and his ult probably does the most damage in the game. You get a insane dash and has one of the best basic attacks.......but then the problem around this character....... his early game you are a walking potato as gibble and you are just walking around as a cute hamster and everything would do more then him. Next to his rough early game his ult is hard to use and if you dont play him often his ult feels like a normal abbility instead of a ult. Because of his low skill floor and his high skill level and his dissapointing early game he is in B-Tier for me.

C-Tier: These characters don't bring anything special, they ain't bad and in the right hands they probably still could do more then some characters out of A-Tier. But these characters don't have crazy damage or crazy safety or have just something great about them. They are just allright.

For this whole tierlist it's just my personal opinion as I climbed to Masters and while playing games in master. So don't keep it to close to heart as I am sure some people here find Gengar way stronger or maybe greninja way worse.

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Pokemon Unite .GG thanks user Yuleri for sharing this tier list.

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  • A: Great Pokemon. These are great options of Pokemon to play and can provide good synergy to your team.
  • B: Good Pokemon. While these Pokemon aren't necessarily ideal to play, they can provide certain synergies allowing them to perform well.
  • C: Okay Pokemon. These Pokemon are typically less than ideal to play.

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