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Pokemon Unite Tier List Patch - Master Kobeni Car 9-28-21

Master Kobeni Car 9-28-21

Created by KobeniCar
1 Votes
TalonflameCinderaceBlisseySnorlaxWigglytuffCrustleMr. Mime
Alolan NinetalesGengarCramorantAbsolGardevoir
Master Kobeni Car 9-28-21- Created By Pokemon Unite .GG

Kobeni Car list as of 9-28-21
Blastoise, Lucario, Eldegoss, Greninja (center only) are easy S-Tiers without a doubt. Blastoise, Lucario, and Venusaur (drain + dance only) are not at all balanced right now and are completely broken; Blastoise doesn't take damage but can also 1-shot your squishy units while knocking them back and stunning them (not to mention ult damage is actually not fair given what his ult does, at least Lucario ult has a super long charge-up time making it easier to manage), Lucario's sustain, damage, and cc is what puts him in the S-Tier (always taking Bone Rush which is decent cc and mobility, new Extreme Speed damage is a little high given how mobile he becomes in team fights and the healing that he gets from it), and Venasaur Petal Dance and Giga Drain buffs hit a little too hard, if he has a pocket support like Eldegoss or Blissey he can't be killed while running through your team, if you have enough cc for Venasaur though you can stop him if focused. If Greninja gets a center early exp boost then he can just take over games, in lane with less exp gain it's in a good spot though (can dish out damage and make plays on it's own given the sustain and self-peel it has but still squishy enough to kill since the sustain is what really let's it last in fights). Zeraora has insane burst which puts him in S-tier but he can be bursted down fairly easily as well. Damage output is S-tier for sure. Eldegoss is just nuts right now from a support standpoint: applies debuffs with (ranged) autos, full-team shield AND heal, HUGE speedboost that also blinds after lv 13, and ult is good for splitting up enemy team while helping yours.

Talonflame is top of A-Tier for sure from a damage burst standpoint, the buffs to Fly make it easy for Talonflame to do crazy damage on the way in, jump out, and then either go back in or Fly to safety, a very slippery Pokemon right now but not quite enough sustain to keep alive if a team focuses it down. Cinderace is ol' reliable in the damage department, very consistent damage that only gets better as it's HP goes down with the addition of some self-peel with the right build and a powerful ult that can steal objectives. It's best played in center role for early exp boost to take over other lanes. Blissey is also an incredibly strong support especially if you have a team full of auto-attack reliant Pokemon (Cinderace, Greninja, Pikachu, etc). It's healing is also incredibly powerful and with an ult that gives a teammate a great boost to damage you can't go to wrong with it. Did I mention it has a speed/auto-attack speed boost that effects every teammate in range? Only really below Eldegoss due to it being a bit harder to use with melee autos as opposed to a Pokemon with ranged ones. Snorlax is the quintessential tank, lots of HP, crazy amount of cc, good damage, good for scoring goals and helping teammates score goals. Block is an insanely powerful tool for helping your teammates score and if they get knocked up first before using block you can almost guarantee that whoever you're blocking for will be able to score. In addition to high HP, you also get to recover most of it with your ult while also knocking up the entire team (now imagine if it did the same damage as Blastoise ult). Wiggly provides a lot for it's team in terms of setting up kills and splitting enemy teams but doesn't provide as much damage as some of it's other high-engage counterparts making it good but not quite as good as other picks depending on team comp. Crustle is super annoying to try and stop and in a lot of cases it feels like the best way to deal with it is to let it steal your smaller camps while you group with your team for objectives, it's very good at starving out it's opponents by stealing camps and still deals a decent amount of damage but doesn't provide an insane amount else for the team during team fights which is why I only have it in A-tier (top-tier goal scorer with mid-tier team fighting ability). Mr. Mime in the right hands is insanely strong, it has great early game damage and steal potential while still offering to delete enemies and help your allies depending on your moveset but I have to repeat: Mime is only good IN THE RIGHT HANDS, he's not exactly a pick-up-on-the-fly Pokemon as he has such a weirdly specific skill-set. His damage is A to S-tier in terms of burst damage and ult is incredibly powerful in teamfights. However, he relies on cooldowns a bit much compared to some of it's counterparts.

Ninetails is very good with the right team comp (if there was a rank between the A and B it would be there for sure) and providing constant slows and multi-target damage is really strong. It has a great early game with a lv 4 evolution and the amount of supporting damage and cc is super valuable in teamfights. Not much else to say about Ninetails other than it's a very solid pick while not being completely over the top. Gengar still has some very high burst potential but doesn't reach those damage peaks as early as Talonflame now. If you partner a Gengar (with Hex) with something like Ninetails or a Pikachu that can apply status effects you will get waaaaay more mileage out of Gengar and it's still not a bad pick but the damage output takes more time than it's counterparts making it a bit lower on the list right now. Cramorant is still a solid bursty, ranged attacker but after the nerfs it hasn't seen too much play which makes it harder to really find it's place in the ranking for me. It's ult is still great and the ability to knock up and catch enemies with some crazy strong burst is still really valuable with the right team comp. Absol basically feels like Zeraora lite to me. It has S-Tier damage output, plenty of mobility, and a strong early game but it's so easy to just burst down and deal with an Absol than it is with Zeraora. Zeraora has a kill button as well with ult and an easier time getting in and out of fights compared to Absol. It's hard for me to rank it much higher than I have it given the similarities when 1 just feels better than the other. Gardevoir is one of my most-played Pokemon (which is why you now get an essay on it) and is getting slept on pretty hard IMO but only because there's a lot of setup needed to make this pick hit it's power spikes at better times. Her damage output is insane in teamfights provided she stays a safe distance away (which admittedly is not hard given ability ranges are so long) and utilizes Moonblast peel to keep safe. The biggest issue with Gardy is that your damage sucks hard until lv 6 and by that time your time is already fighting for Drednaw and if you got set back in the early game (which is likely to happen vs strong early game Pokemon in high rank) then it's hard to be useful in the important fights until late. The best strategy I've found is partnering with an EXP Share which then means your teammate has to use EXP Share to make sure you can be useful at a reasonable time. Overall Gardy has S-Tier damage POTENTIAL but it's so hard to get there at a reasonable time and your teammates need to make adjustments FOR you which is why she's still ranked pretty low on my list despite being a bit underrated. You'll always get late-game damage assurance with Gardevoir but sometimes it's hard to make the pick work without setting your team too far behind.

Pikachu belongs in a rank between B-tier and C-tier. It has a great group of moves (minus Thunder) and really provides a lot of cc for your team like Ninetails does. HOWEVER, as good as Pikachu is at sustained damage at longer range and cc'ing enemies for your teammates, Pikachu doesn't seem to scale quite as hard as its counterparts. It does a lot right as a Pokemon but it's just missing a little something later into the game that other Pokemon can already provide. Still very strong with the right team but in a regular game it's a bit harder than others to find as much success. Slowbro is one of my absolute favorite Pokemon in the game and while I think Surf works very well in the cc department, it's other moves don't really do much else for your team and therefore it's harder to get use out of this pick. Amnesia is great as a passive effect but when it's taking up a whole move slot that helps only you and not your team it's not as valuable as it should be. Telekinesis would be a good move IF your teammates could hit all abilities and not just auto attacks and some abilities. If you take Scald you better not be in ranked. Slowbro ult is S-tier tho, it's just a shame that it's moves other than Surf are lackluster. Charizard is weird to me. Although it's another of my favorite Pokemon, I feel like it should be at least in B-Tier but I can't seem to find a reason for it to be on the same level as the other B-tier mons. It has good multi-target damage, it provides slows, stuns, and DOT damage with good range, it's ult is really powerful, but it can't seem to find as much success when other Pokemon that fill similar roles are just stronger than Charizard. Maybe I just need to see it in action more often but I haven't seen or had too many stellar performances on it as of late, just seems like you'd be better off playing something else. Machamp suffers a similar fate to Gardevoir in having some high damage but taking way too long to scale. If this dude snowballs early you'll be able to just run over some games but if he gets too far behind, he can't recover as well as the other scaling picks seem to (Gardevoir is guaranteed high DPS and Garchomp does good damage while also providing more cc). Machamp also doesn't feel like it does quite as much in teamfights due to not having as much tank stats with only a couple of very telegraphed ways to get to the backline. If you properly use invincibility that won't be an issue however. I feel like this ranking is a bit unfair to Machamp since I haven't seen it quite as often as I'd like to and maybe the item buffs are better on him than I think they are but I'm not sure that I'd rank Machamp much higher than it already is if I'm wrong there anyways. Poor Garchomp. The people's champ. Their favorite. Also easily the worst Pokemon in the game imo. Suffering from very slow scaling evolutions like Gardy, Garchomp also suffers from not having good early moves or early damage. It's so easy to just bully a Top or Bot Garchomp that even if you partner it with an EXP Share to cut away some of the pain of slow scaling, there's not much that it can do (or it's support for that matter) to keep a jungler from walking in and scoring in it's face before or after knocking it out. Even center zone Garchomp struggles to get much accomplished early since a full clear only gets it to lv 5 when it evolves (and becomes slightly more useful) at lv 6. If your team can survive until late-game Garchomp is finally useful and with the new items in the game, you can actually fight and dive backline very well. All of course, IF your team can hold off until then. I know I'm being harsh about this Pokemon but it's very hard to make this pick work in high rank matches due to how easy it is to abuse a slow-scaler, and while it does scale quite well (especially with new items) it's often not worth the risk of trying to make the pick work when other Pokemon are safer and provide more for the entire game rather than just late game.

Overall, there's plenty that could change to this tier list with the next patch tomorrow bringing in Mamoswine and likely bringing extra changes to some extra strong Pokemon (looking at you Blastoise, Lucario, and Venusaur). I'd say that the positioning of Pokemon in A-Tier is pretty fluid, I had a really hard time ranking some above or below others since I feel a lot of them were interchangable in terms of impact they have on the game. I also think the same sentiment applies to S-Tier, some picks being stronger than others depending on the game and when they reach their peaks in-game. That doesn't apply to Lucario and Blastoise though. Lucario is (and has been since release for that matter) without a doubt the best Pokemon in the game but Blastoise's utility in fights puts him just below Lucario, only beating him in the ultimate move race since you really can't dodge Blastoise ult unless you're fast enough or have Eject Button available.

Hope you enjoyed the the list, I think it's pretty accurate but I'm also biased to my own opinions here lol. Also if you like Korean and Japanese music check out the only playlist I have up on my channel, more to come tho :-)

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