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All-Around Defender

All-Around Defender Azumarill - andytwayss

Updated May 8, 2022
Water Pulse
Water Pulse
LeftoversShell BellWise GlassesPotion
Water Pulse
Shell Bell
Wise Glasses
Add Fav
Defender Bottom Lane

A great defender for some even GREATER map control!

Build Path


BubbleFirst Pick

AOE. Slow.



Damage. Area of Denial. Heal (On-Hit).

<Water Pulse

Water Pulse

Damage. Slow. AOE. Bounces between up to three targets.

<Belly Bash

Belly BashUNITE




When not in combat, recovers 1% of your HP every second.

Shell Bell

Shell Bell

Special attacks heal 45 HP, plus a percentage of your Sp. Atk.

Wise Glasses

Wise Glasses

Increases the damage of special attacks.



Restore a small amount of HP over time.

Stat Boosts

Shell Bell
HP Regen+6
HP Regen OOC+2%
Sp. AD+46
Shell Bell
Wise Glasses
Sp. AD %+7%
Wise Glasses

Special Move Vamp


You wanna defend as Azumarill? Good. Let's get started!

Table of contents:
1. Build
2. Early Game
3. Whirlpool
4. Water Pulse
5. Belly Bash
6. Late game
7. What do I do?
8. Pros & Cons + Tips
9. Conclusion

Build: Wise classes is a ESSENTIAL. It is needed to run a water pulse set because without it your crits will be just a water noodle. Shell bell so when you're using whirlpool and water gun, you can heal a bit back and keep on defending. Leftovers are obvious. In and out of fighting, it is great to heal out of combat so you can recover. Keep potion so you can use it for some quick (albeit small) HP recovery.

Early Game: Grind. Just Grind. You may engage in combat with rival Pokémon, however you run the risk of dying. Grind until evolution and ONLY go for a kill if your 100% percent sure you are going to kill. So make sure and play safe! Safety first!

Whirlpool: Whirlpool is a essential. It encourages people not to get too personal with you, unless they get damaged and heals you. When you are being pressured, use whirlpool!

Water Pulse: This is your attacking move. The special attack. This runs the whole set, with wise glasses, your special attack can be just as good as your regular attack stat! Snipe other Pokemon with this move and poke them from afar, away from danger. (Also the roll after using the move is a nice escape/mobility tool)

Belly Bash: I prefer using belly bash only in emergencies. However, you can be a little flexible with it since your job isn't to be an attacker anyway. But ideally, you want to use belly bash when your tower is being attacked and you're going to die out of the end of it. Even though this is a defensive set, Azumarill is more powerful than you think..

Late game: HOLD. YOUR. GROUND. You CANNOT go into the huge team fight near zapdos unless your going to poke from range. If your team wins the zapdos fight, good. You can TRY to score. But if they lose, then hold your ground. Late game is where this set thrives, since it can save from some towers being destroyed. You can try to join the team fight, however you're not gonna get any kills since your passive takes away your crits. If you're going to go to the team fight regardless of what I tell you, Poke from afar and try your best to hit only one pokemon. If the team doesn't shred you when you jump inside, since they would know at that time that you are their defender if you die, a tower is vulnerable..

What do I do?: Your job as a defending Azumarill is to guard your tower, and snipe people with water pulse out of your territory. Use whirlpool inside your tower to make sure people avoid instantly jumping inside. Use water pulse to your advantage and use whirlpool to keep people out. Stop people in their tracks in the middle of scoring, Use a potion in the middle of a pinch. You can also bait a pokemon into thinking your gone into punishing them while scoring. You have a giant HP stat, and protection-- go out and defend!

Pros: You can protect a ENTIRE path by defending the tower and poking/hitting people from afar from water gun. Whirlpool can stop people from jumping in as the whirlpools will DRAIN their health. Even in a 2v1, you will be EXTREMELY hard to kill. Keep in mind, your tower still heals you and you stack with leftovers-- so you will be in max HP extremely fast. While protecting and defending your tower, in return your tower will heal you. (Also gives some supporters some relief!). Your whole path can be standing since you're blocking every score someone tries to get on it. Bully physical attackers and pokemon like Wigglytuff thinking they can slide in and get some cheeky scores. After all, nobody can get anything in once you step onto the tower.

Cons: The only problem with this set is that opposing team may team up to attack your tower. To prevent this, you can predict a team battle and gather your teammates to win the unexpected-turned-into-expected ambush. (Also, some Pokemon might bring some friends, so have a buddy with you!) Also, don't get greedy and chase a low-health pokemon. When you chase a pokemon, they might have a friend coming down and you will get attacked by both. Just stay put. It's not worth it. Also, try your best to snipe/poke low health pokemon (If you can reach them-- don't chase.)

Tip: Use a quick belly bash to crush an attacker's dream thinking he could walk in and kill you. This can work best, since it sends a message that you are also dangerous if you are provoked. (Also use your potion in a bit of a pinch so you can hold your tower.)

So, In conclusion, you can use your giant HP stat to defend your tower. I'm sure your teammates will sigh in relief to be glad that one less tower would be protected. Get out there and defend!

Works Well With


A VERY EFFECTIVE option. Block forces people away from your tower. Utilize blocking and push away Pokémon. With just block, you and Snorlax can conquer an ENTIRE path. Use block to force people to go a different way/path.


Your best friend. Gardevoir can offer you protection and attack from range. Gardevoir kill many from afar, making her a good choice. Try getting a gardevoir to go in with you!

Mr. Mime

Same with Snorlax. Mr. Mime can great walls helping you control and defend your tower AND your path! Make a wall preventing them to getting inside the tower.

Reported Icon This build was created in the game version of It may contain inaccuracies in the data that is used compared to the current version of

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