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Stacking Speedster

Stacking Speedster Lucario - KiwiFrag

Updated Sep 19, 2023
Quick Attack
Quick Attack
Extreme Speed
Extreme Speed
Bone Rush
Bone Rush
Focus BandAttack WeightWeakness PolicyFull Heal
Quick Attack
Extreme Speed
Bone Rush
Focus Band
Attack Weight
Weakness Policy
Full Heal
Add Fav
Speedster Top Lane

Extreme Speed (Requires Practice) your way through opposing enemies.

Build Path

<Quick Attack

Quick AttackFirst Pick


<Extreme Speed

Extreme Speed

Dash. Damage. Near an opponent: Heal. Instant cooldown. (+)Attack up.

<Bone Rush

Bone Rush

Damage. Displace. Then: Teleport and damage. (+)Resets cooldowns of other moves.

<Aura Cannon

Aura CannonUNITE

Damage. Power-Up Punch damage up.

Focus Band

Focus Band

When HP is low, gradually recovers HP.

Attack Weight

Attack Weight

Permanently increases Attack upon scoring a goal.

Weakness Policy

Weakness Policy

Increases Attack based on damage received.

Full Heal

Full Heal

Temporarily makes you immune to status effects.

Stat Boosts

Attack Weight
Weakness Policy
Focus Band
Weakness Policy

Attack Damage (Upon Goal)


*Extreme speed, by nature, is a difficult move to master, so you may not see immediate results, but they will show with the more practice you put into this pokemon.

Early Game (10:00-08:00): Lucario is arguably, if not, the best pokemon to get in early game stacks. He can use quick attack for mobility and last-hits on enemy farm, he has great scoring abilities, a relatively high amount of Hp, ability to displace opponents with meteor mash, and an ability which helps it survive emergency situations. Make sure to choke the opposing team’s farm by stacking in their base, allowing your teammate to grab all the farm on their half of the map. When 8:50 Altaria spawn, you should have Extreme Speed by then, so you may use the move to sweep through the Altaria and escape safely.

Mid-Game (08:00-02:00): Lucario is one of the best pokemon to take Altaria farm. Be prepared at 7:55 to sweep through altaria and swablu, and use a salac berry to escape. If you find yourself alone against a team of many, do not try to rush in as a single miss of extreme speed can risk all your exp level leads lost due to a KO. Instead, wait for your team to come along, and sweep right through the enemy’s health. You may recharge your blue markers using bone rush. Remember: You should be using Extreme Speed as your main dps output; not bone rush.

Rayfight (02:00): If you are in the lead and your teammates decide to start ripping Rayquaza, save your unite move for securing the objective. If you are taking on a fight, try to use extreme speed to backdoor your way into the enemy team’s formation, effectively breaking it. You can look for a quick KO using your unite move, and with practice, you may aim it to reset the blue markers on the enemies so you can use Extreme Speed to sweep right back into the safety of your team.

Works Well With



Boost Emblems


+4% Attack


+2% HP


+2% Sp. Def


+2% Defense

  • Movement Speed 21
  • Defense -13
  • Sp. Def 5
  • Sp. Atk -15
  • Attack 8
  • HP 100

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