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Mixed Offense/Support

Mixed Offense/Support Hoopa - BaryTheXinophane

Phantom Force
Phantom Force
Wise GlassesMuscle BandBuddy BarrierSlow Smoke
Phantom Force
Wise Glasses
Muscle Band
Buddy Barrier
Slow Smoke
Add Fav
All-Rounder Top Lane

A mixed attacker that can be used by any offensive move you choose.

Build Path


ConfusionFirst Pick

Damage. Slow. Decrease Attack.

<Phantom Force

Phantom Force

Teleport. AOE Damage. (+) Invincible



Increase Movement Speed. Shield. Duplicate damage. (+) Heal.

<Rings Unbound

Rings UnboundUNITE

Transform. Create a teleport ring. Cannot score.

Wise Glasses

Wise Glasses

Increases the damage of special attacks.

Muscle Band

Muscle Band

Basic attacks do more damage the more HP the opponent has.

Buddy Barrier

Buddy Barrier

When using a Unite Move, shield yourself and your nearby ally with the lowest HP.

Slow Smoke

Slow Smoke

Slows the Movement Speed and basic attack speed of nearby opponents.

Stat Boosts

Muscle Band
Muscle Band
Buddy Barrier
Sp. AD+30
Wise Glasses
Sp. AD %+7%
Wise Glasses

Bonus Attack Damage On Hit

Shield (Upon Unite)


The reason I chose muscle band and glasses is because this is a mixed attacker set. You can run any special or physical attack on this so long as you serve your role as well. When we get our Unite move out,this is where your 2 mixed attacker items come into play. Muscle band for Hyperspace Fury,Glasses for Psybeam. The reason I chose Phantom Force and Trick is so you can dodge attacks and give yourself that extra life with Trick due to forcefield,being able to help your teammates more (this build relies on teammates so just call them up whenever you lost your current ones) and take the game. I recommend you save your Unite move for when your against the entire team fighting for Zapdos,that way,you destroy everybody and take the Zapdos (do be careful for Gengar) so you win the game. Slow Smoke is very self explanatory. Say an opponent is plotting to get away or you're in danger,just use Slow Smoke for a certified kill check,or get away using it. Shadow Ball is where your W.Glasses kick in,and you can start killin your insignificant threats like nothing,especially with the extra damage buff,you can also take out some of your big threats,30% your biggest. I recommend Phantom Force,due to what I said about it. It also feels a bit better.

Checks and Counters:

Eldegoss: Easily countered if you get rid of the teammates on their side.

Garchomp: Very powerful threat,but with Phantom Force you can check it off the list,be wary of Livid Outrage though.

Dragonite: If it doesn't have Hyper Beam,it's gone. Period. (Unless it has teammates,now it serves a worthy threat.)

Zeraora: This thing very easily will target Hoopa and take it out,due to Wild Charge.

Lucario: Extreme threat,kills Hoopa without a doubt,just avoid its range and help your teammates against it.

Snorlax: Easy target for Hoopa,and just ends it with relative ease due to Phantom Force.

Gengar: The biggest threat on this list. Bigger than Lucario's threat level. He can Hexkill you easily,sludge bomb you for extra damage,spam the Hex and you have no chance,it also steals Zap with its Unite. Best thing you can do is tell your teammates to help you wall it off,otherwise? Death. Avoid it unless unnecessary.

Other stuff:
I chose Confusion so I could attack and easily get the kill confirms with the afterward explosion. This works best with top lane first; then go down for dred (optional).
Always be with your teammates for support,if your current teammates has fainted,call in new ones to pummel em while you do the supportive work.
Shadow Ball is also optional,like I said,this is a mixed attacker so you can run either physical or special.
Full Heal is a great option too.
A mistake I made when trying to assassinate my biggest threats is me without teammates. Always call in your teammates for the biggest threat.
Always destroy the leader.

Works Well With


Extra support. Say,you kill dred and you have Eldegoss rollin with you,with Cotton Guard and Trick,you now have a triple shield. Keep this thing alive at all costs.


Sludge Bomb,Hex; Rinse and repeat,definitely a Hyper Offensive killer which is your main threats to be worried about,but Buddy Barrier and Trick can make this thing more alive than ever. Once this is still alive on the playing field,you can start plucking off kills.


Big threats on your list can easily allow you to push hard and take advantage of enemies,with this supersonic dragon,he can just destroy anything so long as you keep him alive.
Dragonite is the same.
There is more that can help this build,I just can't add all of them.

Reported Icon This build was created in the game version of It may contain inaccuracies in the data that is used compared to the current version of

Pokemon Unite .GG thanks user BaryTheXinophane for sharing this guide on how to play Hoopa. Be sure to support your favorite creators by upvoting their builds, videos, and anything else they share you find useful. You can also check this user's page for more build guides.

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