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Unkillable Tree Stump

Unkillable Tree Stump Trevenant - Kujo

Horn Leech
Horn Leech
Muscle BandFocus BandBuddy BarrierPotion
Horn Leech
Muscle Band
Focus Band
Buddy Barrier
Add Fav
Defender Top Lane

being a teamfight disruptive drain tank

Build Path


Will-O-WispFirst Pick

Damage. Burn.



AOE damage. Self-damage. Slow. CDR.

<Horn Leech

Horn Leech

Displacement. HP Vamp. Boosts attacks (CDR On-Hit.

<Phantom Forest

Phantom ForestUNITE

AOE damage. Displacement. Slow. Shield (per opponent hit). Increases self-healing. Increases ally basic attacks to affected opponents.

Muscle Band

Muscle Band

Basic attacks do more damage the more HP the opponent has.

Focus Band

Focus Band

When HP is low, gradually recovers HP.

Buddy Barrier

Buddy Barrier

When using a Unite Move, shield yourself and your nearby ally with the lowest HP.



Restore a small amount of HP over time.

Stat Boosts

Muscle Band
Muscle Band
Focus Band
Buddy Barrier

Bonus Attack Damage On Hit

Shield (Upon Unite)


Had to make a build because Trevenant is one my favorite Pokémon just like gengar mostly because of its ghost type and I love ghost types so I had to make a guide on it sadly I couldn't do this with decidueye. I particularly chose this build because of its special synergy

Basis on Trevenant

Trevenant seems to include a lot of regen into its attacks and passives. Trevenant's passive is natural cure, this passive is like a built in focus band but there's more to it. When Trevenant is at or below 35% max HP it continuously starts to gain HP. This recovery effect is triggered every .5s for 4s. This passive also reduces the cooldowns of Trevenant's moves. When this passive's HP recovery effect ends it would go through a 100s cooldown until it could be activated again but the cooldown can be reduced by 10s each time one of Trevenant's moves hit an enemy. Another thing I forgot to mention is how this mon loves cooldown reduction idk. Whenever Trevenant lands its third auto attack it regains 5% of its hp, it's just more and more sustain with this pokemon but I think I understand why. Two of it’s main moves require hp to cast that being wood hammer and curse but for this build where talking about curse.

Build’s moves and synergy
Trevenant creates a cursed circle zone around it at the cost of 4% max HP per second for 6 seconds. This circle deals damage over time to enemies in the area of effect while decreasing their movement speed. The lower Trevenant's HP is, the greater the decrease in movement speed on enemies from curse. While using this move, Trevenant builds up curse power every time it deals or receives damage; you can see that by the purple bar over your head when using curse. Clicking curse again would Release the built-up power and will deal additional damage to enemies in the area of effect. If the curse power is at maximum ( having the purple bar full) when it’s released, the cooldowns of Branch Poke, Horn Leech, and Pain Split will reset, most importantly horn leech. This move gives great AOE damage and little CC in group fights depending on who u could get in your circle all resetting cooldown of your attacks

(Horn leech)
This move lets you Charge forward, pushing, stunning and dealing damage to enemies caught while dashing in the designated duration. At the end of the charge, enemies that were shoved are dealt additional damage and then thrown. Colliding with an enemy while charging recovers Trevenant's HP 3 times, and the lower Trevenant's remaining HP the more HP that is recovered. After this move hits an enemy, Trevenant's next three basic attacks deal more damage and reduce this move’s cooldown by .5s (for each enemy hit). I'M STARTING TO SEE WHY THIS POKEMON WAS SO UNKILLABLE; this is the type of stuff that makes a pokemon op yet everyone keeps saying its underwhelming i'm not sure if its underrated or just needs more damage. This is the move that mostly contributes to a teamfight pushing and stunning is great CC and the heals from the move are very good; it also applies cooldown reduction for how many people caught in your charge

(UNITEmove Phantom Forest)
Trevenant summons a cursed forest, damaging enemies in the area of effect and marking them with a special condition, throwing them up, and decreasing their movement speed for a short time. For a short time afterward, the basic attacks of Trevenant and allies deal increased damage to enemies that were marked by the special condition by this move; this special condition mostly helps ranged basic attacking pokemon cheese through opponents but you would be able land yours if you catch up to the enemies marked. Trevenant is also granted a shield for 6s when this move hits an enemy; the shield effect is strengthened for each enemy hit. While Trevenant is shielded, any HP recovery effects applied to Trevenant are increased by 50%. The shield could also stack with buddy barriers; also try hitting as many pokemon at once with this move so use it on a group of pokemon giving them a debuff while gaining a shield for each one hit its pretty useful and that 50% increase to hp recovery is nothing to scoff at.

(synergy and combos)
Reasons on why these two moves have a special synergy is mostly because of curse. It's AOE damage and slow helps the CC of the horn leech combo; it also does great damage along with horn leech. They also both give cooldown reduction most importantly curse having it fully charged then releasing it gives a full cooldown reduction to horn leech giving a pretty destructive combo like this = curse - horn leech - auto attacks (while waiting for the bar to fill up) - curse (release if fully charged) - horn leech - auto attacks (while waiting for curse to come back) and you could repeatedly do this with the amount of sustain you get in fights. You could also pair this with your unite = curse - phantom forest - horn leech (the enemies hit) - land them auto attacks - curse (release if fully charged) - horn leech again

(The items for this build and uses)
Finally got to the items probably ending out right after this. Starting off with Muscle Band; auto attacking is primarily what you're going to do when inflicting damage on this build mostly while waiting for cooldowns. You also get sustain from your auto attacks so the attack speed and extra damage would benefit you there. Onto Focus Band you essentially have two of this item with your passive another thing I have to mention is that your healing from Natural cure will proc at 35% hp or lower and the healing from focus band will proc at 25% with both of those activated there's no way you would die unless you got burst down. Finally Buddy Barrier this item grants the user and their nearby lowest hp ally a shield when using their unite move for 25% max HP when using your Unite Move. Yes this stacks with shields from your unite; this item also gives you a lot hp in your stats being 300HP(Level20) - 450HP(Level30) depending on your item level. Items i would replace on this could be weakness policy, attack weight or aoes cookie. Onto the attack items for that we have Slow smoke This added extra CC is amazing early game and allows you to take advantage of your enemies movement whether it be trapping them in more CC, a combo, escaping enemies or just getting away.This thing is even good in securing wild pokemon and clutching hits with the opponent's attack speed lowered. Another attack item could be potion which is doing wonders for me when using trevenant. Adding even more sustain and the low cool down on potion which is 30s means you’ll have it up in almost any fight

Alright so Trevenant received a buff in patch mainly giving buffs to branchpoke, curse, pain split and its unite phantom forest. branchpoke is one of your starting moves receiving an effect (slow) buff, damage buff and a new healing effect giving you 3 ticks of healing when hitting something with branchpoke now this mostly helps early when you're a phantump. Curse had its damage increased with its self damage reduced and Phantom Forest got its cooldown decreased from 134s to 114s making you use it much more in games

And that's it this pokemon wasn't bad before but they decided to buff i think it has become an A tier defender by this point. Its survivability is insane, its damage and effects are buffed, its definitely won this patch. I also added a video from a youtuber named CrisHeroes he basically sums up everything i said about trevenant in this build after his buffs go give him a sub.

Works Well With


eldegoss is pretty good in the meta right now. The extra recovery and shields coming from the pokemon to make you even more bulky


Just the move sing that's it...


For Trevenants Unite- Im basicaly gonna include any good ranged basic attacking pokemon like Greninja or Cinderace; definitely dragonite, charizard too especially after the buffs it got and maybe alolan ninetales and aegislash but this is because it would really benefit to your allies and teamfights if most of your enemies were marked for extra damage by the special condition from your unite

Reported Icon This build was created in the game version of It may contain inaccuracies in the data that is used compared to the current version of

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