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Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated Greninja - Lofie

Updated Oct 23, 2021
Water Shuriken
Water Shuriken
Double Team
Double Team
Muscle BandRazor ClawBuddy BarrierFull Heal
Water Shuriken
Double Team
Muscle Band
Razor Claw
Buddy Barrier
Full Heal
Add Fav
Attacker Jungle

This build is about dealing damage while safely keeping distance.

Build Path


SubstituteFirst Pick

Manifest a distraction.

<Water Shuriken

Water Shuriken

Damage. HP Vamp. Slow. Increases your movement speed.

<Double Team

Double Team

Dash. Distraction. (+)CDR.

<Waterburst Shuriken

Waterburst ShurikenUNITE

AOE damage and Slow. Then AOE damage. Displacement. Then: Dash.

Muscle Band

Muscle Band

Basic attacks do more damage the more HP the opponent has.

Razor Claw

Razor Claw

After using a move, the Pokémon's next basic attack deals more damage. If held by a melee Pokémon, the basic attack also slows opposing Pokémon.

Buddy Barrier

Buddy Barrier

When using a Unite Move, shield yourself and your nearby ally with the lowest HP.

Full Heal

Full Heal

Temporarily makes you immune to status effects.

Stat Boosts

Muscle Band
Razor Claw
Muscle Band
Crit Chance+2.1%
Razor Claw
Buddy Barrier

Bonus Attack Damage On Hit

Shield (Upon Unite)


At the start of the game, clear your jungle. Use substitute to pass through the wall at level 1 so that you can go melee with the Lilipup.

Gank the nearest lane to you after clearing the jungle for the first time. Try to push the enemies back so that you and your teammates can score some early goals.
*Only go melee if you think you won't die*

After helping your teammates, get 1 or 2 Corphish from the center then proceed to go to back to your jungle. After the second clear, you probably have access to water shuriken already.
*Remember to hit your shurikens. You need to keep the enemies hydrated as well.*

Rotate to bottom lane as Drednaw spawns around the time you clear the jungle for a second time.
*Secure the Drednaw for an overwhelming advantage*
*Beware of dive bombing birds that deal absurd amounts of damage. (if it is in the enemy team).*

If you secure Drednaw:
1. Try to use your Unite move, if you didn't use it to secure Drednaw, to wipe out the enemy team. This will help you wipe them out and allow you and your team to destroy their first goal zone in the bottom.
2. Go back to clear your jungle.
3. Proceed to Rotom (if it is still there)
*If Rotom isn't there, try to clear the farm or dunk points*

If you don't secure Drednaw:
1. Don't feel discouraged.
2. Clear your jungle.
3. Try to get Rotom.
*If the enemy team gets Rotom, try to fend it off. After, have a reset. Start clearing the farm in the map.*

*Repeat these for every Drednaw fight*

Knowing Master rank games, it will always be secured whether by losing or winning.
*Try to keep distance with water shuriken in the Zapdos fight*
*Avoid entering the center of the map through your choke point. (Greninja can easily get picked off here). Use your jump pads instead.
*Use your Unite move wisely.
-To wipe the enemy team
-To secure Zapdos

If you lose Zapdos, you will most probably feel frustrated. Take a break and reset your mentality.

1. Greninja has the lowest HP stat in the game. Try to keep distance with Water Shuriken or by using your ranged attacks to deal damage instead of going in with melee attacks.
*Only use melee attacks if you are confident you can
survive after engaging."
2. You can use Double Team to clear jungle camps faster.
(Water Shuriken on-hit effects apply to clones too.)
(Double Team has an invulnerable frame. Use this to
negate damage from enemies.)
3. Avoid using Unite move when the game timer is at 4 minutes.
4. Hit your Water Shuriken. It will help the enemy team by keeping them hydrated.
5. Use Full Heal to escape CCs.
6. Greninja has an infinite skill cap. Don't forget to keep practicing and continue to get better.

Works Well With


Blissey can support Greninja by healing him or by increasing his attack and attack speed.


Snorlax can peel for Greninja. Block can push threats away from Greninja. Yawn can hinder threats while Greninja creates distance.


Wigglytuff Unite move can grant Greninja a shield and CC prevention.

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