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the ZONE for PROS

the ZONE for PROS Cramorant - Scizorino

Updated Jul 22, 2021
Buddy BarrierSp. Atk. SpecsShell BellX Attack
Buddy Barrier
Sp. Atk. Specs
Shell Bell
X Attack
Add Fav
Attacker Any Lane

Destroy everything a MILLION miles away!

Build Path


WhirlpoolFirst Pick

Increasing AOE damage with decreasing AOE range. Slow. Reloads prey.



Damage. Displacement. Reloads prey. (+)Slow.

<Gatling Gulp Missle

Gatling Gulp MissleUNITE

Constant damage to nearest target.

Buddy Barrier

Buddy Barrier

When using a Unite Move, shield yourself and your nearby ally with the lowest HP.

Sp. Atk. Specs

Sp. Atk. Specs

Permanently increases Sp. Attack upon scoring a goal.

Shell Bell

Shell Bell

Special attacks heal 45 HP, plus a percentage of your Sp. Atk.

X Attack

X Attack

Temporarily increases your Attack, Sp. Attack, and Basic Attack Speed.

Stat Boosts

Shell Bell
Buddy Barrier
Sp. AD+32
Sp. Atk. Specs
Shell Bell

Special Move Vamp

Shield (Upon Unite)

Sp. Attack (Upon Goal)


Need to know how to position your skill shots
Once you got that down then its all about ZONING!

First use Surf whether a fight is breaking out or not so you prep your passive Gulp Missile. From there you can:
Gulp Missile -> Skill -> Gulp Missile -> Skill -> Gulp Missile for maximum damage.

Try to go top lane and use your Whirlpool to farm. Place your Whirlpool slightly ahead of the wild pokemon so they walk into it thus making you deal the full damage output of your skill.
When in lane it is very easy to steal enemy wild pokemon with your skills while they are hitting it as long as you time it correctly which isn't that hard. A trick to do it more stealthily is to hide in one of the many bushes to cast your skills.

Speaking of hiding in bushes, I think what makes or breaks between a good and great Cramorant is how they position themselves in the lane. Use the bushes to your advantage and your skills aim and zoning potential will be greatly increased.

Always go Hurricane & Surf. The CC is extremely valuable no matter what situation you're in and the damage output is already off the charts with this Pokemon anyway. It is very easy to chain these two even through auto targeting.

Here is where Buddy Barrier shines because your Unite Move basically makes you into an auto rocket launcher. Normally using your Unite move will have you targeted but the shield you get can make a huge difference especially when you're just pressing one button while kicking back and enjoying the onslaught. Use this as a teamfight outskirt rocket launcher or bait enemies into thinking you're low health and blast their faces off!

Works Well With


If Charizard goes Fire Spin then you both can zone the heck out of anyone.

Alolan Ninetales

Lots of CC and Damage.


Incredible CC, Displacement and sustain.

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