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Loophole Mastery

Loophole Mastery Hoopa - SacredKiller

Updated Mar 2, 2022
Shadow Ball
Shadow Ball
Hyperspace Hole
Hyperspace Hole
Sp. Atk. SpecsChoice SpecsScore ShieldX Attack
Shadow Ball
Hyperspace Hole
Sp. Atk. Specs
Choice Specs
Score Shield
X Attack
Add Fav
Attacker Top Lane

An infinite loophole, no end to your trouble.

Build Path


ConfusionFirst Pick

Damage. Slow. Decrease Attack.

<Shadow Ball

Shadow Ball

AOE damage, Slow, Reduce Sp. Def. (+) Explosion before disappearing.

<Hyperspace Hole

Hyperspace Hole

Teleport. (+) Increase movement speed.

<Rings Unbound

Rings UnboundUNITE

Transform. Create a teleport ring. Cannot score.

Sp. Atk. Specs

Sp. Atk. Specs

Permanently increases Sp. Attack upon scoring a goal.

Choice Specs

Choice Specs

Increases the damage of moves. More Sp. Atk results in more damage.

Score Shield

Score Shield

Receive a shield while charging up to score a goal. While shielded, incoming attacks will not stop you from charging up.

X Attack

X Attack

Temporarily increases your Attack, Sp. Attack, and Basic Attack Speed.

Stat Boosts

Score Shield
Sp. AD+55
Sp. Atk. Specs
Choice Specs

Shield and Focus (Score Attempt)

Sp. Attack (Upon Goal)


1. Basic Battle Guide
2. Time guide
3. Combo Guide
4. Counters and How to Counter

Teleporting is the key to mastery with this build. Stick to healing yourself with Hyperspace Hole and use Teleport to go back to the fighting spot. This allows Hoopa to just run home, then immediately return to battle fully healed. Note that you can use Shadow Ball before this to deal extra damage within area.

Time guide:
Start to 8:00: Go to the top lane. Try to avoid attacking the first Aipom if an ally is nearby and attacking the first Aipom. Once gone up, you will do different things based on what role your teammate is:
SUPPORTER/DEFENDER: Take the Attacker role, and start a fight with opposing pokemon.
ATTACKER/ALL-ROUNDER/SPEEDSTEER: Take the role of a Supporter and protect them, while launching a few Surprise Attacks to scare some enemies away.
Either role, you will have to farm Combee and Vespiqueen, so keep an eye out for them.
8:00 - 7:00: Focus on exp now. Try not to fight with enemies, unless they provoke you or your teammate. If you teammate starts a fight, join them. Else, fight the Corpish. It is likely that some teammates at thee top or bottom lane will faint, and you may have to help them out. Remember to make sure that balance is mantained. (Goal: Get Hyperspace Hole)
7:00-2:30: Get more exp, and focus on Rotom. Try to switch from top to bottom and so on. I'm not going to focus a lot here, for more info check my other builds on this time area ( maybe check Aegislash guide ). Just to note: The battling strategy is as above, not as said at my other guides. (Goal: Get Unite Move and + versions of both moves. )
2:30 on: Hide near Zapdos pit, and prepare your Unite Move and Hyperspace hole. If your enemy comes to fight Zapdos, wait for it to get to low HP, then easily kill Zapdos with Hyperspace Hole. Remember to teleport home ASAP in the hole, then go and score.

Battle Combos:
(Note that the numbers have been accurately calculated based on the Timing and please do not nudge an extra Basic Attack at unsuitable times, thanks!)
Healer Sweep Combo : Hyperspace Hole - - > Basic Attack x3 --> Shadow Ball - - > Teleport in Hole
--> Heal - - > Return and Shadow Ball - - > Basic Attack x 3
Kill-and-run Combo: X Attack --> Shadow Ball --> Basic Attack x 6 --> Hyperspace Hole --> Basic attacks ( until Shadow Ball is ready) --> Shadow Ball --> Teleport out to Home
UNITE Combo : (Best used for Drednaw/Zapdos, or Team Fights:
Shadow Ball --> Hyperspace Hole --> Basic Attack x 1 --> RINGS UNBOUND --> Basic Attack x 9 --> Hyperspace Fury --> Basic Attack x 2 --> Psybeam --> Basic Attack x Infinity
SupportHeal Combo: (Best used with a Healer and 1 attacker)
Shadow ball--> Hyperspace Hole --> Basic Attack x Infinity (Let the attacker jump in and out, and the healer can stay. Support the attacker.)

COUNTERS AND HOW TO COUNTER ( I don't mark all Pokémon, mostly those hard to fight.)
Absol: No threat, nothing compared to Hyperspace Hole. Place a Hole and a Shadow Ball in a row, stay in hole area, it's dead.
Alolan Ninetails: Easily swept by Shadow Ball. Just watch out for freeze, or if they have a Hoopa on their side. Teammates will make it easy.
Aegislash: Hard one if it has Wide Guard. The stunning part makes it hard to outplay. Sacred sword's displacement and stun is also hard. In fact when I play Aegislash I commonly outplay many Hoopas. Not so good with Iron Head,
Blastoise: Just trap it in Hyperspace Hole, and it's done. Shadow Ball + 's explosion might weaken it further. Water spout well, is a worthy opponent.
(More to be added as I do more gameplay)
Blissey : Easy one, unless it has a strong teammate.
Charizard: TELEPORT OUT OF FIRE BLAST'S RANGE. NOW. (Else you're dead, or if it has no Fire Blast, it's dead.) Watch out for the Unite Move.
Cramorant: No threat except Unite Move.
Gengar: Hard one, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE !
Hoopa : ( Honestly fighting yourself is boring, just run )
Lucario: Get some Healer or another Lucario nearby, else you're half dead. RUN!!!
Zeraora: Don't provoke this thing if it has Wild Charge. Else, not as much of a threat, just equal.

Co-operation : Part A (How to help others)

Co-operation : Part B (How to be helped)

( Will add more soon! )

Works Well With


Gardevoir has low HP and endurance and very high damage output, great for pairing with Supporter Hoopa.


In Attacker Form, Hoopa can be paired with Eldegoss for healing, and Hoopa can stay on the field while Eldegoss teleports in and out with Hyperspace Hole while healing Hoopa.

Reported Icon This build was created in the game version of It may contain inaccuracies in the data that is used compared to the current version of

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