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SW Standard ADC

SW Standard ADC Cinderace - SKaiWalker

Blaze Kick
Blaze Kick
Scope LensFocus BandMuscle BandFull Heal
Blaze Kick
Scope Lens
Focus Band
Muscle Band
Full Heal
Add Fav
Attacker Jungle

Massive damage and easy escape from CC chains

Build Path


EmberFirst Pick

Damage over time. Weaken (Attack).

<Blaze Kick

Blaze Kick

Guaranteed crit. Spellproof. (+)Attack speed up.

<Blazing Bicycle Kick

Blazing Bicycle KickUNITE

AOE damage. Movement Speed up.

Scope Lens

Scope Lens

Boosts critical hit damage.

Focus Band

Focus Band

When HP is low, gradually recovers HP.

Muscle Band

Muscle Band

Basic attacks do more damage the more HP the opponent has.

Full Heal

Full Heal

Temporarily makes you immunne to status effects.

Stat Boosts

Muscle Band
Muscle Band
Crit Chance+4.0%
Scope Lens
Focus Band

Bonus Attack Damage On Hit

Critical Damage


Difficult early game, play very passively and focus on poking enemies from afar and when they overextend with ember until about level 7-8 when you become Cinderace and unlock Pyro Ball & Feint. Only use low sweep as an escape or to reposition, it’s not worth it to dive into enemies and force an engagement.

Very good mid game, here you can play a little bit more aggressively, using x attack and spamming auto attacks to deal massive damage to enemy laners and objectives. This is the best time to force an attack on rotom because you have a stronger level 7-8 than most other mons.

Strong Late Game, able to cycle your unite move (AoE fireball) multiple times in the last 5 or so minutes of the game. Starting from lvl 11 you’re able to cycle pyro ball very quickly in teamfights by spamming auto attacks. Take red buff whenever you can since it slows enemies off of auto-attacks for your team while leaving blue buff to somebody else. Able to effectively use feint in teamfights to dodge skillshots or cc chains from a crustle or alolan ninetails.

Have fun! Video about it will come out soon after the release.

1.1.4 Patch Edits!

Jungle Cinderace is now meta!
Blaze Kick > Pyro Ball
Full Heal > X-Attack
Muscle Band + Scope Lens + Focus Band (Solo-Q) or Buddy Barrier (5 Stack)

Ty for 50 upvotes :)

Works Well With

Alolan Ninetales

Can slow down opponent laners, giving you an opportunity to deal a lot of damage to them.

Reported Icon This build was created in the game version of It may contain inaccuracies in the data that is used compared to the current version of

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