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Slaying in Master

Slaying in Master Greninja - Wait2Seconds

Muscle BandFloat StoneAttack WeightEject Button
Muscle Band
Float Stone
Attack Weight
Eject Button
Add Fav
Attacker Top Lane

its time to play a good build no?

Build Path


BubbleFirst Pick

Damage. Slow.



Damage. Displacement. HP Vamp. Instant cooldown on takedown.



Invisible. Movement Speed up. Attack boost. (+)Increased Attack upon reveal.

<Waterburst Shuriken

Waterburst ShurikenUNITE

AOE damage and Slow. Then AOE damage. Displacement. Then: Dash.

Muscle Band

Muscle Band

Basic attacks do more damage the more HP the opponent has.

Float Stone

Float Stone

Move faster when not in combat.

Attack Weight

Attack Weight

Permanently increases Attack upon scoring a goal.

Eject Button

Eject Button

Instantly teleport yourself somewhere nearby.

Stat Boosts

Muscle Band
Float Stone
Attack Weight
Muscle Band
Float Stone
MS OOC+20%
Float Stone

Bonus Attack Damage On Hit

Attack Damage (Upon Goal)


- I grinded with Greninja in almost full solo, right now I'm at 70% WR around 200 games on gren in master, up to you if you trust me or not.
- Always Bubble first for the extra damage on camps
- Use your sub as an extra dash in if you have the opportunity to kill someone
- Use also your sub as a "wall" to block spells and kills camps in the middle or their side 

- Don't ever take Double Team, this move is awful, you will be permabanned if you're using it.
Joke aside, The invisibility and the extra burst after the smokescreen is really better

- I tried both surf and Shuriken, As an assassin surf is really better because you have a reset when you kill a pokemon, you're farming also faster, you can solo win a fight if you are smart (and maybe stealing zapdos )

There is a clip above where i killed everyone and stole zapdos.
I was in the bush before the the fight, trying to get a free kill or a good opportunity, used some of my auto attacks and then smokescreen out into this situation when i found it was the moment to.

Let's be honest, the ultimate is bad but a decent engage / good way to repositioning yourself

-LVL 7 is your power spike, aim for that specific level

- Gren is dealing PHYSICAL damage, avoid special item like specs or whatever : it's not good.
- So you're taking muscle band first (the extra physical damage and the damage based on HP is good with surf (as a finisher) + Attack speed is mandatory

Float stone is good for the movement speed, you can ROAM, ( super impportant to feed yourself ) kill the back line + Extra damage

- As the last item I tried a lot of things… 
- Energy Amplifier is nice you can use your ult more but the more important is the CDR.
- I also tried Scope lens, it's always a good combination with muscle band (AS + damage )
but right now I'm using attack weight, It's good to snowball on everyscore score i can do.

- I feel like shell bell is a waste, okay you're healing more on surf but you're wasting ATK stats, gren is here to get sneaky one shot and DPS and anyway you're only surfing when the pokemon is in the range of kill.

- The 2 first item are key, but up to you on the last one.
- Nothing to say with Eject Button, its the best item lol.
Maybe there is a world where you can use attack + but it is what it is.

Also : XP is broken, don't ever hesitate to help your team on Drednaw and farm a lot during the early game
don't forget the fact that doing much auto attack and using your passive as much as you can
This pokemon is bad to be honest (compared to broken gar / zera ) but super fun to play in good hands

Works Well With


Good CC (crownd control) easy dive and free score to scale ATK with the attack weight

Alolan Ninetales

again CC is key, its free to get kills


Super good CC, free kills

Reported Icon This build was created in the game version of It may contain inaccuracies in the data that is used compared to the current version of

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