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Ninetales Guide

Ninetales Guide Alolan Ninetales - frisco

Powder Snow
Powder Snow
Dazzling Gleam
Dazzling Gleam
Aurora Veil
Aurora Veil
Muscle BandAssault VestBuddy BarrierEject Button
Powder Snow
Dazzling Gleam
Aurora Veil
Muscle Band
Assault Vest
Buddy Barrier
Eject Button
Add Fav
Supporter Top Lane

The best support ?

Build Path

<Powder Snow

Powder SnowFirst Pick

Damage. Slow.

<Dazzling Gleam

Dazzling Gleam

Damage. Stun.

<Aurora Veil

Aurora Veil

Infinite Boosted Attacks. Movement Speed up. Area defense up. (+)Area defense up.

<Snow Globe

Snow GlobeUNITE

AOE damage. Freeze damage up.

Muscle Band

Muscle Band

Basic attacks do more damage the more HP the opponent has.

Assault Vest

Assault Vest

When out of combat, gain a percentage of your maximum health as a shield that blocks special attacks.

Buddy Barrier

Buddy Barrier

When using a Unite Move, shield yourself and your nearby ally with the lowest HP.

Eject Button

Eject Button

Instantly teleport yourself somewhere nearby.

Stat Boosts

Muscle Band
Muscle Band
Assault Vest
Buddy Barrier
Sp. DEF+28
Assault Vest

Bonus Attack Damage On Hit

Shield (Upon Unite)

Special Move Shield (Out of Combat)


You want a Pokémon to stall on a point ? Protect your team and deal a huge amount of Control from far away ? Ninetales is your best choice

Ninetales is an Auto Attack base distance support. Sound dumb ? Well ... yeah it is. But his ability to put a large amount of AOE Stun and Slow with his boosted third auto attack is kinda crazy.
This build his based on this passif boosted by Aurora Veil, in order to apply as much stun as possible.
First let me explain how it works. Every 3rd basic attack and every time you hit a damage spell (Unite move include), you apply a passive stack on your opponent. Once you opponent reach 4 stacks, he get stun for a second. Crazy ? But that's not the end.

On level 4, we're gonna get Dazzling Gleam, which apply a Stun and a passive stack on all the opponent in the AOE. It's very useful to add a bit of control in early game as well as in fights later on.

Level 6 is where the dog became a great guardian for your house. With Aurora Veil, you can put a zone that upgrade movement speed, defense and attack of your ally in it. As a great and major bonus, as long as you are in, all your auto attack are boosted. Which means you can basicly stun in AOE every 4 auto attack as well as doing an great amount of AOE dps with your auto attack.

Your Unite Ability unlock at level 9 is not that great, dealing a correct amount of damage on a large AOE. Well done, it can make a huge difference in fights but its not your main pro.

In lane as well as in fights, try to keep a good distance from your opponent in order to apply as much Control and damage as possible from far away. You are not that tanky and you can't kill a carry by yourself, so play safe, and do your job the best as you can.

For my itemisation, i'm going for Muscle Band, since you rely pretty heavily on your auto attack, having a bit more damage on them is really great.
Then i go for Assault Vest and Buddy Barrier. Both are defensive item i use to be a bit safer. The little shield Assault Vest provide can allow you to stay a bit more in your Aurora Veil as well as being a great items against some huge Sp. AD dealer like Gengar or Gardevoir for exemple (even if in most case it won't save you from an Gengar running on you). and the large shield you can give to yourself and an ally with Buddy Barrier can surprise a lot an ennemy assassins going on you and your carries.

You can also go for Focus Band for more defense, Wise Glass for more damage on your Dazzling Gleam or even Float Stone for more mobility out of battle.

Works Well With


A crazy late game DPS that will have a really enjoyable time with all your Control. You Control, he kill (same for Gardevoir).


More Control is more Kills, with both of them on the same lane, your opponent will never be able to score.


Offer him a safe early game and he will offer you an insane late game. You Control, he kill (same logic for Gardevoir).

Reported Icon This build was created in the game version of It may contain inaccuracies in the data that is used compared to the current version of

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