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Trainer Name: ElBroM

Rank: Beginner

Favorite Roles:Speedster


im totally new in "pokemon unite" but, have experience in moba games, im Erik (or ElBroM) and i help all players with my amazing an awesomes builds, i talk spanish and i live in republic dominican, but is necesary learn english (yes i am a student of class of english) im 13 years old and i play in a nintendo switch 2017 model.

Favorite Pokemon



fast attack

Absol | Speedster | Jungle
Muscle BandFloat StoneBuddy Barrier
FeintPursuitPsycho Cut
Slow Smoke
attack and move quickly with this build
Pokemon Logo

the hunter

Greninja | Attacker | Top Lane
Focus BandFloat StoneBuddy Barrier
SubstituteSurfDouble Team
Slow Smoke
In short, you will hunt down your enemies with this build
Pokemon Logo

the lonely wolf

Crustle | Attacker | Jungle
Muscle BandBuddy BarrierAeos Cookie
Fury CutterRock TombStealth Rock
Slow Smoke
Pokemon Logo

he covers areas

Charizard | Defender | Top Lane
Muscle BandAeos CookieEnergy Amplifier
Fire SpinFire PunchFire Blast
X Attack
easily defend areas with this build
Pokemon Logo

the escapist

Pikachu | Speedster | Bottom Lane
LeftoversFocus BandBuddy Barrier
ElectrowebElectro BallThunderbolt
X Speed
you will paralyze your enemies with this build
Pokemon Logo

puts pressure

Gardevoir | Attacker | Bottom Lane
Muscle BandFocus BandBuddy Barrier
X Speed
with this build you will put a lot of pressure on the enemies
Pokemon Logo

the nurse

Blissey | Supporter | Top Lane
Buddy BarrierAeos CookieEnergy Amplifier
Heal PulseSoft-BoiledHelping Hand
Pokemon Logo

attack and run

Zeraora | Speedster | Jungle
Muscle BandFloat StoneEnergy Amplifier
AgilityVolt SwitchDischarge
Slow Smoke
attack and escape easily with this build
Pokemon Logo


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