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What is a Featured Build? How can I get my build featured?

Featured builds.

Featured Builds on Pokemon Unite .GG form a curated list of the best build guides submitted by players like you. We frequently look through new submissions for high quality content, and we keep an eye out for builds that receive a good vote ratio. We also rotate the cream of the crop directly on the front page. See our FAQ on Build Guides for more information.

Please do not contact us regarding getting featured. It won't work.

Instead, focus on creating good content. We look for builds that are complete, including a detailed, legible, and well-written description designed to help new players succeed using your strategy. We especially look for additional content such as commentated YouTube videos that show the build being played. Particularly well-crafted and informative builds have a significant chance at getting featured on the front page.

Inversely, we avoid content that is incomplete, illegible, or inappropriate for the tone of this website. Please remember to report any builds that would abuse the open nature of our site, including instances of user-submitted content that are vulgar or trashy.

Please feel free to promote your own videos and content so long as that that content is in reference to the build. We understand that the embeds on build pages may help your channel, and we're happy to be a part of your growth. However, misleading or harmful forms of self-promotion or abuse of this feature will result in a ban with zero warning nor recourse.

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