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    About Delphox Builds

    Pokemon Unite .GG offers a collection of community made build guides for Delphox. It doesn't matter if you're brand new to the game or a seasoned veteran. You can always come back here to learn the current meta, whether that's which move and item combinations have the highest win rates or what kinds of strategies work best for the current season or latest patch.

    You can browse what other players have found successful, or create your own builds to offer your experience back to the community. Our build guides are designed to be easy to follow at a glance, whether on a nearby screen or in a tab on your mobile device.

    Creators may also write in-depth research into each build for you to read between matches, offering a deep dive into game design and strategy to maximize your chances of winning. Be sure to watch any YouTube or Twitch videos they offer as well, and leave a Like if you find the content useful.

    About Delphox as an Attacker in Pokemon Unite

    Attacker class Pokemon excel at doing a lot of damage, but often do not have the health or resistances needed to survive a prolonged fight. Generally, Attackers that can stun or displace opponents are better at controlling the direction of 1v1 fights, and Attackers with higher damage output are better for late-game full team battles. When playing an Attacker, consider pairing with teammates that can block, distract, or corral opponents so you can focus on dealing as much damage as possible instead of running away.