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Cuteness Overload

Cuteness Overload Sylveon - Sodapop

Updated Oct 6, 2021
Mystical Fire
Mystical Fire
Draining Kiss
Draining Kiss
Wise GlassesChoice SpecsBuddy BarrierEject Button
Mystical Fire
Draining Kiss
Wise Glasses
Choice Specs
Buddy Barrier
Eject Button
Add Fav
Attacker Jungle

My enemies die when they see me. Is it because I'm cute?

Build Path


SwiftFirst Pick


<Mystical Fire

Mystical Fire

Damage. Dash. Decrease Sp. Atk. (+) Shoot one additional flame.

<Draining Kiss

Draining Kiss

Damage. Self Heal. Slow. (+) Heals more.

<Fairy Frolic

Fairy FrolicUNITE

Invincible. AOE Damage. Heal. HP Vamp.

Wise Glasses

Wise Glasses

Increases the damage of special attacks.

Choice Specs

Choice Specs

Increases the damage of moves. More Sp. Atk results in more damage.

Buddy Barrier

Buddy Barrier

When using a Unite Move, shield yourself and your nearby ally with the lowest HP.

Eject Button

Eject Button

Instantly teleport yourself somewhere nearby.

Stat Boosts

Buddy Barrier
Sp. AD+69
Wise Glasses
Choice Specs
Sp. AD %+7%
Wise Glasses

Shield (Upon Unite)


--- Intro ---
Do you want to run at the speed of light without a Float Stone?
Do you want to be an Attacker, Speedster, and Support all-in-one murdering powerhouse?
Do you want to kill opponents within 3 seconds of jumping out of a bush?
Do you want to get free ELO?
If so, this guide is for you! (Free ELO sold separately)

--- Moves ---
> Mystical Fire
Ooohhh boy. This move. Crazy damage early-game, big damage to enemy carries late-game. It even jumps over walls, so you can engage and disengage with this. The cooldown is really short as well, so feel free to spam it at all times. Just hop out of a bush and watch the poor Charmander you've been bullying all game melt instantly.
I think this is much better than Hyper Voice when Jungling simply because of how much mobility and single-target damage it can dish out. Ganking early is key with this move, so you can snowball into the mid and late-game.
> Draining Kiss
Surprisingly a really good move. Being able to regenerate about one eighth of your health every time it's up will save you more times than you think. Plus, while you're jungling, you can throw it out onto a crab and get a bit more health before ganking.
> Fairy Frolic
Fairy Frolic gives you so much AOE damage for being a mini-Speedster, and it allows you to help your team for objectives like Drednaw or Zapdos, as well as big team fights, all while still dishing out massive damage. If you use it right, you can turn around any fight in your favour.

--- Gameplay / Strategy ---
As a Jungling Sylveon, your strategy revolves around getting kills early so you can get a good point lead and scale your team with you. You've got the mobility of a Zeraora with the damage of a Gardevoir, so use it. Always look for overextended enemies and chase them down (if they Eject, don't be afraid to use yours if it means you get a kill from it!)
> Jungle Pathing
I like going for both of my buffs and picking up a crab before ganking either Top or Bottom, and then ganking the other path. Either you get a kill and score ~20 points, or you give your team lane priority. From there, your Mystical Fire should annihilate minions, so you can just keep running up and down without slowing down on XP or points.

--- Item Choices ---
> Wise Glasses
Sylveon already does massive damage, so the more you can dish out, the better.
> Choice Specs
5 seconds of cooldown on both of your moves? Yes. Yesyesyes.
> Buddy Barrier
This heals you and your tank for 40% of your HP when you use your Unite Move. Your Unite Move heals your team and does big damage to the enemy team. Do I need to say more?

--- Other Items ---
> Muscle Band
Not bad, but your moves are always up anyways, so there's not much point to it. If you hate your team, replace Buddy Barrier with Muscle Band to commit death against opponent.
> Shell Bell
The healing and Sp. Atk boosts are pretty nice, but I still think Buddy Barrier has a better healing effect since it can completely turn around one crucial Zapdos fight. Could be worth replacing Wise Glasses / Choice Specs for Shell Bell, but you'd be missing out on a lot of damage, and I just don't think it's worth it.

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