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Pokemon Unite Tier List Patch - Nipi's Attacker Tier List

Nipi's Attacker Tier List

Created by Nipi
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DecidueyeGardevoirAlolan Ninetales
Nipi's Attacker Tier List- Created By Nipipokemonunite.gg/tier-list/1262 Pokemon Unite .GG

Decidueye is S-tier because of its versatility in its moves (assassinate targets at range with Spirit Shackle or increase damage to high HP enemies with Razor Leaf), extremely potent objective securing Pokémon without having to use its Unite Move.

Gardevoir is S-tier because of its capabilities in disrupting the enemy team while also being able to deal massive damage. Its Unite Move, while extremely powerful, is hard to use because of its short range.

Alolan Ninetales is S-tier because of its incredible potential in X-Attack + Aurora Veil, its attacks could freeze 2-3 enemies if timed properly.

Cinderace is A-tier because of its great utility in Blaze Kick and its Unite Move, which acts as an objective securing move.

Greninja is A-tier because of its versatility in dealing damage from afar via Water Shuriken while also recovering its health, or using Surf to assassinate targets and also gets a reset for each knockdowns. It's also a good objective securing Pokémon via its Unite Move.

Duraludon is A-tier because of its potential to burst down one opposing Pokémon, or turning into an extremely long-range turret in order to deter enemies from approaching him. Its Unite Move is also incredibly powerful as a deterrent, while being offset with its long wind-up.

Venusaur is A-tier because of its versatility as an All-Rounder with Giga Drain and Petal Dance, or a glass cannon with Sludge Bomb and Solar Beam.

Sylveon is A-tier because of its versatility as a debuffer with Mystical Fire, effectively countering Gardevoir, or a glass cannon with Hyper Voice.

Pikachu is B-tier because its kit sucks, and paralysis doesn't seem to work right. Electro Ball's damage is dependent on the target's missing health, despite Pikachu's most damaging move is Electro Ball/Thunder. Thunder feels underwhelming without any other follow ups. Thunderbolt is fine, but is easy to dodge. Volt Tackle is incredibly unwieldy, in comparison with Cinderace's Blaze Kick with its uncontrollable back-dash, Volt Tackle does not confer any buff to Pikachu. Unite Move doesn't feel great as well, as Pikachu has to survive in order for the thunderbolts to appear, and its incredibly squishy, while putting Buddy Barrier as one of its held items.

Cramorant is C-tier because the Unite development team seems to hate Cramorant for some reason. Cramorant's Arrokuda Gulp Missile deals high damage, but only able to reach its maximum potential if there are two enemies around it. Cramorant's Pikachu Gulp Missile is almost non-existent in any game I played since I started this game. Dive is fine. Hurricane is fine. Surf's cast animation feels sluggish and it put Cramorant at risk by moving inside the Surf in order to get Arrokuda/Pikachu. Air Slash is nerfed to oblivion. Its' Unite Move denies a large amount of area, but that's about it, since you're immobile in this state. Please just buff this guy.

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