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Remoat Stadium

Remoat Stadium drawing from Pokemon Unite
Jungle Camps
Lane Camps
No Respawn
Goal Destroyed Spawns

Map Details

  • Players: 5v5
  • Battle Time: 10 Minutes
  • Battle Modes: Standard, Ranked

Remoat Stadium is the first Standard map in Pokemon Unite. It includes a top lane, bottom lane, and jungle area all with different types of wild Pokemon. There are five goals on each side with the farthest having no limit of points that can be scored.

During the early game, much of the map consists of Corphish and Aipoms. But later on, you can see Audinos, Vespiquens, and Zapdos which can really help turn the score around during the Final Stretch. And if you are in need of a quick buff, there are also sitrus and salac berries you can find throughout.

Be aware that Remoat Stadium changes spawning points throughout the game. Goals can be destroyed when a point limit is reached. Destroying the first goal in a lane will allow three extra Audino to spawn on the weakened side, giving one-side access to more Experience points (XP). At the same time, the Sitrus berries (healing items) will not spawn in a lane missing a goal.

The Super Jump Pad will spawn in both bases after five minutes allowing both teams to jump to either of their second goal zones. Landing on your goal via super jump will do a small amount of damage and stop the enemy from scoring unless they have a shield.

Tips and tricks:
  • Scores are doubled in the last two minutes.
  • Be aware that the map shifts XP towards the team that has lost more goals
  • You can "overscore" in a goal when you deposit more points than is needed to destroy the goal at one time.
  • You can see how many points a goal has left through the progress ring around the base of the goal.
  • Defend the teammate carrying more points! If you destroy the goal they were attempting to score in, they are at a much higher risk of losing their points at the next goal!