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Are there any lane strategies in Pokemon unite, such as Top, Mid, Jungle, Bot, and Support?

Yes. The metagame (or "meta") for Pokemon Unite is constantly changing, but a few common unspoken rules are already forming.

1. The top and bottom lanes are roughly equal in importance. The game client recommends certain beefier Pokemon go to the bottom lane by default. Typically, you will see two players per lane, one to deal damage and one to support or tank. It's also common to see two high-damage Pokemon take the top lane as a duo.

2. There is one "jungler." This one player is reserved to defeat the wild Pokemon in the middle of the map, then use the levels gained therein to "gank" or launch surprise attacks on the other team's laning players during team fights. If two Pokemon excel at jungling, only the player who called jungle should take the role.

3. Do not steal EXP from players with a different role from you, at least at the start of the game. Taking wild Pokemon intended for your jungler can stall the ability for your jungler to gank your lane. Likewise, taking EXP from a lane you didn't call can absolutely cause that lane to lose early.

4. There is no common tactic of "leashing" in the meta at this time. In other MOBAs, it's common to help your jungler to an early lead by weakening his camps, making sure he gets the takedown. In our experience, this still works, but most random players will not take kindly to what they perceive to be a player stealing their rightful EXP.

5. If you lose a lane, leave it. The opposing team can't do enough permanent damage in the first half of the game. Players who continue to fight a losing battle make it harder for their team to come back from an early setback. It it better to join another lane, or farm wild Pokemon for EXP so that you stop losing team fights.

6. Don't surrender. There's always one, isn't there? Pokemon Unite is all about escalating danger. The longer the game goes, the more you can score. Losing your lane isn't the end. You can always level up and turn the game around. There will always be a Rotom or Dreadnaw to turn the tide. And finally, you can always be the hero to set up for that amazing Zapdos steal.

7. Call your lanes and stick to them.

8. CALL YOUR LANES and stick to them.


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