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Pokemon Unite Tier List Patch - Pokemon Unite Patch

Pokemon Unite Patch

Created by Axelerater
3 Votes
GreninjaCharizardCramorantEldegossSnorlaxAlolan NinetalesMr. MimeTalonflameSylveon
Pokemon Unite Patch Created By Pokemon Unite .GG

Tier S
Venusaur since buff with Petal Dance Giga Drain Build is really OP you can put use it in SoloQ and still dominates with it, and it's basic attack is OP
Blastoise have good damage, CC even though not as strong as Snorlax and Mamoswine's CC but still good, you could also use it in SoloQ
Cinderace is really good as an ADC and Pyro Ball is busted after buff and it is good for stealing objective but not as good as Venuasur because it is harder to solo with Cinderace
Lucario is busted since it came out and nerf to Power Up Punch didn' do anything as the better move is Extreme Speed
Zeraora is arguably A or S depending on your skill after buff to spark it is definetly at least A and if you are good at using Spark it could go to S and it is not work as well in SoloQ
Edit: After thinking i think that Blissey is S tier because of their heals, and only Blissey and Eldegoss that can heal in this game, but Blissey is better overall
Tier A
Greninja is still good after nerf but not as good as Cinderace nothing beats Cinderace and Venusaur as an Attacker
Charizard's Unite becomes weird but depending on opinions it could be better or worse with nerf to, Fire Punch you could say it is better than B tier but not as strong as A tier
Crustle Shell Smash and X-Scissor combo is killing, and you can use it to SoloQ like Blastoise
Blissey is thicc and can keep healing with Soft Boil, or give shield and CC immune to teamates which is busted
Talonflame since buff is the easiest Speedster to use and it can dish out bursts of damage using Fly
Eldegoss same with Blissey but less practical
Snorlax CC is the best out of the bunch of defender
Ninetales has infinite CC for Veil build or burst with Blizzard, but once again can't beat Venusaur and Cinderace
Mr. Mime is painful and annoying to play against it has high damage and can stun for long time you could say it is also an attacker because of the damage
Cramorant has CC and damage and Unite move is the best
Edit: i think Sylveon is at least A or even S in terms of how a mage should have worked, and definetly better than Cramorant and Ninetales, and after the nerf it is definetly A tier, it is S tier before but if you can still have good positioning you can still use it maximumly and could still feel S tier
Tier B
Pikachu needs a buff but is easy aand beginner friendly
Wigglytuff since nerf is actually still good and you could say it is A tier because of the CC, and Mr, Mime B because of no CC, Wiggly stilll good tho
Mamoswine is good and has high CC and damage but not as good as Blastoise because of it's Unite Move is isn't as good as Blastoise
Gengar Sludge Hex combo can spam skills which is nuts, but one CC will destroy it
Garchomp could be C tier what makes it good is it's critical build and you could argue it with Machamp in B tier instead of C
Tier C
Slowbro has good CC but it's hard to hit with it, and is actually pretty underwhelming because meanwhile his CC is good it only affect 1 enemy
Gardevoir early laning is hard you will lose a lot but once you get Psyshock you can destroy just hope your team is not far behind you could say it is A if it happens
Absol is good but since it's burst can only target 1 enemy it isn't as practical as other Speedster like Talonflame
Machamp could arguably be B or A but only crit build is good and Garchomp with good build could be better, actually Machamp could be better than Garchomp because of it's CC. Edit: i still couldn't decide which is better between Garchomp or Machamp, Machamp hsait's CC and Garchomp has it's basic attack which can crit but when you use full heal but it depends on your gameplay.

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