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one shot zeraora

one shot zeraora Zeraora - Ultin

Updated Apr 30, 2023
Volt Switch
Volt Switch
Energy AmplifierWeakness PolicyMuscle BandX Attack
Volt Switch
Energy Amplifier
Weakness Policy
Muscle Band
X Attack
Add Fav
Speedster Jungle

a powerful build you can use to thunderCLAP opponents (hehe get it?)

Build Path


SlashFirst Pick

Dash. Damage. Displacement.

<Volt Switch

Volt Switch

Dash. Attack Speed up. Then: Dash back.



AOE damage. Shield. Then: Displacement. Stun. (+)Slow.

<Plasma Gale

Plasma GaleUNITE

AOE damage. Displacement. Increased attack range.

Energy Amplifier

Energy Amplifier

After using your Unite Move, you deal extra damage for a short time.

Weakness Policy

Weakness Policy

Increases Attack based on damage received.

Muscle Band

Muscle Band

Basic attacks do more damage the more HP the opponent has.

X Attack

X Attack

Temporarily increases your Attack, Sp. Attack, and Basic Attack Speed.

Stat Boosts

Energy Amplifier
Weakness Policy
Muscle Band
Muscle Band
Energy Amplifier
Weakness Policy

Bonus Attack Damage On Hit

Unite Move Damage Increase


this is the build i run on my main and it is very strong, can one shot pretty much any squishy pokémon and shred some tanks too

energy amplifier is insane on zeraora, your unite move charges so fast it is almost always up, and the extra damage can make said ult literally one shot anything that isn't tanky, the extra cdr for your moves is nice too
weakness policy has good synergy with your ability, which is good on a move like discharge, it also gives you extra attack and hp as well
i personally use muscle band for the third item because it has good jungle clear and 'cleanup' damage with ult if you don't instantly one shot

you could replace muscle band with razor claw for slows or whatever (pretty good with spark and wild charge), scope lens for funny crits, attack weight if you like inting (stacking), rapid-fire scarf for even faster jungle clear, buddy barrier or focus band if you want to live, or float stone for mobility with x speed

x attack is an amazing item for one shotting and taking down multiple enemies, as well as clearing objectives extremely fast
some other good battle items:
- full heal is good if you don't wanna cc when trying to do the combo or to escape with volt switch, also the meta rn is filled with a million stuns so yeah
- eject button or x speed for mobility
- fluffy tail to clear wild pokémon and secure objectives (although x attack does it better)
- and maybe even potion to live

early game on theia sky ruins you clear the first jungle camp by stunning wild pokémon with slash, and agility for mobility and basic atk speed
rotate to either lane to assist your teammates and secure the swablu and altaria at 8:50 (your gank sucks so don't overstay your welcome)
go back into jungle and after clearing the second jungle rotation, head to the middle and clear the fluffy cute birds that spawns there at 8:00
try to hit lvl 9, or at least 8, before the regi fight with escavalier's orange buff (why do folks call it red buff, it's obviously orange)
(edit: since rayquaza got a stupid buff that makes it feel more like zapdos, you should be rotating to the bottom regis most of the time, but that doesn't mean regieleki isn't viable, you got to have good macro)

here is the combo that allows zeraora to one shot:
- pop x attack
- dive into enemies with volt switch
- use plasma gale
- then discharge while using basic attacks in your plasma zone
land plasma gale at the nearest squishy enemy so you can stay in the plasma zone, don't let the unite move get away from you, you won't get those big basic attacks, discharge won't stun and you'll get cc'd super hard and die

a good boost emblem loadout for zeraora is 6 brown, 4 white, 2 blue and 2 purple, with these emblems:
machamp, primeape, marowak, nidoking, nidoqueen, quagsire, ho-oh (or pidgeot), fearow, tauros, and gyarados
(the one in the video is not up to date, crit emblems unfortunately suck rn cuz of the nerf, raw atk and hp are miles better)

Works Well With


zeraora is really frail, so some healing or cc immunity from blissey would be nice, plus with blissey ult zeraora is pretty much unstoppable
(other healers like clefable and eldegoss make great partners too)


trevenant has some great cc moves in wood hammer, can keep enemies at bay while zeraora proceeds to blast them the hoenn region
(other cc defenders can also play a similar role)


comfey can help zeraora dive a bit better thanks to its healing, the small stuns from magical leaf or grass knot can help too
also comfey's sweet kiss and zeraora's discharge has some funny synergy, but sacrificing floral healing is really risky

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