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Insane Damage Queen

Insane Damage Queen Tsareena - ChocolateF9

Rapid Spin
Rapid Spin
Triple Axel
Triple Axel
Trop Kick
Trop Kick
Buddy BarrierMuscle BandRazor ClawEject Button
Rapid Spin
Triple Axel
Trop Kick
Buddy Barrier
Muscle Band
Razor Claw
Eject Button
Add Fav
All-Rounder Jungle

Ultimate guide for insane damage.

Build Path

<Rapid Spin

Rapid SpinFirst Pick

Damage. Swift On-Hit.

<Triple Axel

Triple Axel

Increasing Damage. Increasing Haste. Queenly Majesty: HP Vamp.

<Trop Kick

Trop Kick

Damage. Enfeeble. Slow. Queenly Majesty: Shield.

<Queen Ascendent

Queen AscendentUNITE

Damage. Heal.

Buddy Barrier

Buddy Barrier

When using a Unite Move, shield yourself and your nearby ally with the lowest HP.

Muscle Band

Muscle Band

Basic attacks do more damage the more HP the opponent has.

Razor Claw

Razor Claw

After using a move, the Pokémon's next basic attack deals more damage. If held by a melee Pokémon, the basic attack also slows opposing Pokémon.

Eject Button

Eject Button

Instantly teleport yourself somewhere nearby.

Stat Boosts

Muscle Band
Razor Claw
Muscle Band
Crit Chance+2.1%
Razor Claw
Buddy Barrier

Bonus Attack Damage On Hit

Shield (Upon Unite)



So, Tsareena just released in Pokemon Unite and I thought I would make a build as soon as possible with the optimal moveset.

Early jungling:
If you have the chance, always, always, always, always play Tsareena in the jungle. You can use Rapid Spin to get through the walls, if you want to do more damage or somebody is stealing your jungle, pick Razor Leaf. She is extremely worth playing in the jungle because after Level 5 you can get Triple Axel and start ganking people. The best part about Tsareena is you have early evolutions so you can get bonus stats when the opponents do not early on, even if you're laning.


The moveset for this overpowered build is Triple Axel and Trop Kick.

At Level 5, choose Triple Axel. I insanely highly suggest that you pick Triple Axel. Triple Axel does a small dash but does insane damage if you land it all, it can't go through walls but it is still an amazing move and it's going to be the main damage dealer move for Tsareena. It also heals you when you get to Level 6 because of Queenly Majesty which is insane too. It's upgrade does more damage which is crazy considering how much damage Triple Axel already does.

After one freaking level (Lv. 6), you get Trop Kick which is insane considering you get another move at another level and you evolve so fast. Trop Kick doesn't do insane damage but it leaves a straight line of AOE that slows a bunch to opponents and lowers their attack, so you really want to pick up Trop Kick if you're trying to escape or get sustain. And because of Queenly Majesty, you will get a shield which is insane, it's upgrade same as Triple Axel also does more damage!

Unite Move:
Tsareena's Unite Move as you can tell if you'd play her, doesn't do a bunch of damage, it does decent damage but it gives you a shield and heals you after that, which is also really good for teamfighting!

Tsareena starts off as Bounsweet and her ability is Oblivious, same with Steenee. It basically makes hindrance don't do as much to you.
But what is powerful about this is when you hit Level 6, which you get the ability Queenly Majesty, which is an insanely overpowered ability.

On top of you will appear 3 blue bars. Once 1 bar is charged, it will turn from grey to blue. If you use a boosted attack or use a move, 1 blue bar will charge up. When 3 blue bars are charged, your moves will flash, think of it as another move. After you use 1 single flashing move, your other flashing move will stop and you will not get any flashing move unless you fill up your 3 blue bars again.

People usually say Tsareena is overpowered because she gets instant move cooldown but it really doesn't.

What happens is that when your moves are flashing, your normal moves are hidden in the background. So for example, you have 2 blue charged bars, you use Trop Kick and it has a 10 second cooldown right? then your moves will flash and after you use for example a flashing Trop Kick, the flashing moves will end and you can still see your Trop Kick having the cooldown and it is still on cooldown, turning down the time when the moves are flashing. Get it? I hope you do, it's really hard explaining it.

For items, I usually go Buddy Barrier, Muscle Band and Razor Claw. I tried Scope Lens before but because Razor Claw makes your basic attack do more damage and because you're a melee Pokemon, your basic attack slows people which is insanely strong on Tsareena.

Buddy Barrier is just for that teamfighting potential because Tsareena is really good at teamfighting and Buddy Barrier will make it even better if you use your Unite Move.

Muscle Band is just obvious and probably the best item for an Attack-based character. If you really don't know, Muscle Band boosts your attack a slight amount but the main part is that your basic attack do more damage the higher the opponent's HP is so you will be doing even more damage.

I can literally bet all my money on that Tsareena is going to get nerfed at some point in the game. It's OP guys, use this build, use this moveset, use this item and I assure you, you will win a bunch.

Works Well With


I believe this is what we call:
Machine Gun


Is this what we call immortal?


Since the recent buff, Gardevoir is better by a lot and it can really poke people down if Tsareena's moves are on cooldown (which will usually never happen xd)

Pokemon Unite .GG thanks user ChocolateF9 for sharing this guide on how to play Tsareena. Be sure to support your favorite creators by upvoting their builds, videos, and anything else they share you find useful. You can also check this user's page for more build guides.

There are indeed many ways to play Tsareena in Pokemon Unite, and you can find more builds here, as well as detailed information about Tsareena's moves and the items you can assign to it.

Perhaps you have a better build in mind? Try creating your own!

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